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Now this is a cool idea for people who love autographs and sketches!


Aug 4, 2003
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I'm not promoting anyone buy this if that's any sort of issue but I just found it and thought people would appreciate the idea.

As many know I bind comicbooks into hardback volumes. One of the first guys to do it runs a company that makes them and he's apparently making these autograph/sketch books for people who go after them.

This a Fantastic Four one but if you're designing it you can do what you want. Make it a generic Marvel one and get as many as possible. Maybe take your favorite character and just get as many artists to sketch him in it, even artists who've never drawn the character so it's a one of a kind.

Honestly, if I were into the con thing I'd totally do this! Mine would be X-Men themed I think.

Just thought I'd share.

P.s. I've also seen people make binds of their already collected work. Covers that were autographed, loose papers, etc. Put it all together into one work. It was pretty cool.
It's an interesting idea. I have many autographs, but they are on all kinds of things (from trading card to LP album cover) so it wouldn't work to well for me. The couple of original artwork pieces I have, I plan on framing with pics of the artist working on it. But I see where this would be a good idea for some.
Ild love a spidey one and get it filled up with all different versions and takes on him by different artists...would be great
Wouldn't it? Personally, I'd do X-Men and ask each artist to sketch a character they've never drawn before. The more obscure the better, like Steve McNiven drawing Maggott... or Stewart Immonen drawing Post.

Sadly, I don't go to cons and I sure wouldn't trust sending this thing over the mail requesting sketches. So this wouldn't work for me :(
i never get to Cons, but i've been to a good few signings and have more planned. I got Bryan Talbot to do me a Death sketch, looked amazing

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