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October Sky

Still Wynning

That is the gist of it. (She/Her)
Jan 19, 2010
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What can I say, I love October Sky.

I just finished watching this again, this time with my parents, and I was reminded again if why I love this beloved, yet underrated, gem of a film. So, I decided to devote a thread to it.

The message of the movie, about reaching for the stars amidst setback and hardships, is really uplifting and inspiring.

The actors, particularly Jake Gyllenhaal as wide-eyed dreamer Homer Hickam, Chris Cooper as his stubborn, estranged coal-miner father, and Laura Dern as Homer's supportive teacher Miss Riley, do an excellent and believable job in their respective roles.

The script, adapted from Rocket Boys*, Homer Hickam's biography on his journey from a coal-miner's son to builder of rockets, is very tightly written and doesn't waste a single minute or miss a story or character beat.

*(Fun Fact: The title of the movie is an anagram of the title of the book.)

And the cinematography in this film is so impeccably framed, you could take a single frame and adorn it in your home.

It doesn't rely on fancy visual effects, action sequences or eye candy. It's just a well written, good, old-fashioned, simple down-to-Earth story about a boy accomplishing his dreams while reconciling with his father. And the fact that it's based on a real story makes me love it even more.

Also, did I tell you how much I love the soundtrack for this film? Brings tears to my eyes.


It's movies like this that remind me what excellent cinema is really all about. Great story, great characters, great message and great soundtrack. In my humble opinion, this is pretty much a perfect film, and I happily place it in my top ten list of greatest movies of all time.

So, what are your thoughts? :yay:
it's a wonderful film. As uneven as Joe Johnston can be, I think this is his masterpiece along with The Rocketeer. And my personal fav: Honey I shrunk the Kids!
He's like the Joe Kelly of Films. Sometimes I wish I would have paid better attention in math class.
Probably one of my all time favourites.
Great Movie, have you read the book it's based on?, it's also really good. I need to watch this movie again.
I can't say no to this movie. If it pops up anywhere, I just watch it. It's a great movie.
Excellent movie, definitely need to pop in my old VHS of it sometime soon.

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