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Aug 27, 2007
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Obviously theres gonna be fighting in a DB movie since thats what it is, so i was wondering what fights should be in the movie.

If it was up to me, these are the fights id have in the movie.

Goku vs Gohan

This should be a little sparring between a young Goku and his grandfather right at the start of the movie. Gohan should easily out match Goku with his skill, whilst teaching Goku and telling him what hes doing wrong. At the end Goku should trick Gohan and while off guard punchs him knocking Gohan flying, showing Gokus power.

Based on Idea - Knowing Goahn fought with Goku in the past to train him

Goku vs Highschool Jock/Bully

Well this fight is confirmed i think so ile add this there, really this should be very similar to Peter Parker beating up Flash Thompson in Spider-man while everyone watchs and goes in awe of Goku.

Based on Idea - Spider-man

Goku vs Krillin

All this should be is a short sparring session showing how Goku has progressed from a child, with speed and strenght, Krillin should put up a fight but ends up losing. As its all a bit of fun and practice.

Based on Idea - A fight only needed to for action

Piccolo Henchman vs Yamcha/Tien or Krillin

I dont know who the henchman could be (maybe Tambourine) but he should ambush a Z fighter (Just 1) and end up killing him, one of them should be easily overwhelmed and gets killed. id go with Krillin dieing if possible or Yamcha.

Based on Idea - When Tambourine fought and Killed Krillin

Piccolo vs Goku

The 1st major fight of the movie, Goku should sense one of his friends has been killed and rushes off to see the cause of it, he runs into Piccolo who he fights to avenge his friend, after a good start where Piccolo underestimated Goku, Piccolo turns serious where he beats Goku into a pulp, whether Goku dies or is left to dead im not sure.

Based on Idea - When Goku 1st fought Piccolo Daimao

Tien, Master Roshi, Yamcha or Krillin vs Piccolo Henchmen

Believeing Goku dead its up to the remaining fighters to stop Piccolo so make a head on assault, So Tien, Roshi and the one who wasnt killed by the henchmen in a previous fight head to Piccolos ship. Piccolo unconcerned sends out a a small group of henchmen to take care of the matter, the Z fighters put up a good effort but are eventually outmatched.

Based on Idea - When the Z fighters fought Nappa and was overwhelmed

Goku vs Piccolo Henchmen

With Goku finally back to life/done training far away, Goku finally returns more powerful than ever, with all Z fighters out of it, he fight the remaining Henchmen and beats them with not effort, showing his new strenght.

Based on Idea - Goku arriving to fight Nappa/Recoom/Frieza

Goku vs Piccolo

The final fight in the film should be big and spectacular with Goku beating his oppenent with a powerful kamamaha

Based on Idea - Goku fighting Piccolo Daimao the second time.

Ok thats all ive got, please cast your own opinions and be insult free.

P.S This was written a while ago before i knew there was a world tournament in the movie so some of these fights will be invalid.
Master Roshi vs. Piccolo
Goku vs. Chi Chi
Goku vs. Piccolo
Bulma and Yamcha against Piccolo's minions.
Me vs. the guy who green-lit this script at 20th Century Fox.

Ok I was kinda confused, the thread said fight but people were posting more then one.

I would just go Goku vs Piccolo, nuf said.
Roshi vs anyone
Goku vs Piccolo
Yamcha vs someone or henchmen.
so you only want 1 fight in the movie, Goku vs Piccolo???

You cant really see how theyve improved or how they compare to others if there was just 1 fight.

At least they should have Goku fight Piccolo twice.

The 1st time Goku should just use martial arts and Piccolo whoops him with a special technique.

Then after the loss Goku is taught about spritual energy stuff from Roshi and in a second fight it should be hand to hand again.

But Piccolo tries to finish Goku with his special attack but Goku uses his newly found kamehama and a beam struggle emerges.

Goku beats Piccolo the end.
Goku vs Piccolo
Goku vs Superman
Goku vs Teto
Fights I want to see

Goku vs Piccolo (final battle of the film)
Roshi vs Piccolo (Roshi dying)
Goku Yamcha Chi Ci and Roshi vs Piccolo Henchmen (Red Ribbon army perhaps?)
Chi Chi vs Mai
Goku vs Yamcha (Goku pwning him in the WMAT)
Roshi vs Yamcha (Roshi schooling Yacha and then offering to train him)
Goku vs Yamcha (Yamcha victorious w/ wolf fang fist ;))

Gohan training Goku with the use of a bo staff

Fights above go in order from first to last to first

Itd be better if it was Yamcha, Chi Chi, Roshi vs the Henchmen

And Goku arrives from some place and beats them all single handedly
definitely looking forward to goku vs piccolo!
I hope they fight twice but doubt there will be time. Id like Piccolo to own Goku for him to go recieve training from Roshi then fight again
There is gonna be a fight with goku, chi-chi, and Piccolo's henchmen. I bet that fight will be epic. And there's obviously gonna be a fight where master roshi (who's probably shown as a decrepit old perv throughout the whole movie) starts kicking everyone's ash

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