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The DragonBall FAQ

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Daisy is <3
Jul 16, 2002
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The Cast

Justin Chatwin is Goku
James Marsters is Piccolo
Jaime Chung is Chi Chi
Emmy Rossum is Bulma
Joon Park is Yamcha
Chow Yun Fat is Master Roshi
Eriko Tamura is Mai
Randall Duk Kim is Grandpa Gohan
Ernie Hudson as Master Mutaito

Who's the villian?
Piccolo will be the villain for this film

When is it coming out?
April 8th 2009

Are Krillin, Tien, or Vegeta in this movie?
As far as we know, they are not in.

Will the there be talking animals?
No. Puar, Oolong, and any others are out.

Will Goku have a tail and will he transform to an Oozaru?
The tail seems unlikely, but Goku will transform

Will Bulma's hair be blue?
She will have some streaks of blue in her hair, but it will not be totally blue.

Is Capsule corp in the film?
Based on the trailer, yes the Capsules are in

Will Goku have the power pole?

Is this live action?

Who's the director?
James Wong

Who will voice Shenron
We're not sure, there was a rumor it would be Chris Sabat but that turned out false.

Who will be scoring Dragonball?
Brian Tyler

Ayumi Hamasaki to sing theme song.

There will be books and avideogame, as well as atoyline based on the movie

Who is the producer?
Stephen Chow

Who is doing the stunts?

Is there a trailer out?
Yes, you can watch it here

If I've missed anything please post it and I will update it into this post :)
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Just two things, you forgot Grandpa Gohan and mispelled "storyline". ;)
Good stuff!
i would say the fullum assassins, but that would be a moot point
Some updates :)
Long time no see Avangarde. :D

Oh and Lobo, maybe put Brian Tyler in there somewhere?

Who will be scoring Dragonball?
Brian Tyler
I'm going to close this for now and whenever we get new info i will update it to the original post
Opening this for awhile add anything I've missed and i'll put it in the first post
Ernie Hudson as Sifu Norris

Who is the producer?
Stephen Chow

Who is doing the stunts?

When is it being released?
Hudson as Sifu was confirmed?
What will happen if I criticize the film?
You'll be told to wait for the trailer

well i dont know why evrywhone is upset why they are making this movie i wait my hole life for this movie
and still people ccant judge from photos that arnt from the movie
i wana see how people are reacting if this movie turns out good as transformers
i can't say this movie is badd but stil cant say this movie is gona turn out badass
and yess trunks6 we ALL have to wait for the trailer before can criticize
When was Hudson as Sifu comfirmed?
No word yet on Capsule Corp
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