OFFICIAL GUY THREAD: "Sometimes my junk won't work"

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Dec 28, 2004
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I'm wondering if some of you share a similar problem. I'm a 20 yr. old male, and I have a lovely girlfriend whom I love very much. And, while I'm very attracted to her, and our sex life is very good... sometimes, out of the clear blue sky... Private Johnson won't stand at attention.

Now, I've read several articles regarding why this is, and here I've compiled a set of possible reasons:

- Too much sex
- Stress
- Erectile Dysfunction

Too much sex: This might be a possible reason, although I doubt it. We tend to make love about 5 times a week, which isn't really alot... right? Could it be that I am "drained"?

Stress: This is a big one, since I am a very stressed person, when it comes to school, grades, getting work done... Sometimes my mind is boggled and focused on other things and perhaps that affects Private Johnson?

Erectile Dysfunction: I reeeeeeally doubt this, seeing as though I'm 20... and if this were the case, Private Johnson wouldn't be working at all, when in fact, he works VERY well most of the time.

So what do you think, gentlemen? Have you had a similar problem? If so, help! Any suggestions?

BTW: This could be a general guy topic thread, if it's allowed.
How is this thread going to survive on this site?

Go to Healthboards :up:
Sounds like you already know the answer.
We tend to make love about 5 times a week

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