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Old woman gets punched in the face.

Holy crap, that sounded painful.
I wouldn`t be standing shell shocked if someone wacked me in the face, dumb woman.
Her expression is priceless. She doesn't believe it just happened.
I'm guessing she was talking **** about the girl's friend. The lady who threw the punch was either the mother of the kid in the video, or the mother of the kid the yenta was yammering about.
I'm impressed at how little her head snapped back.
I love the way the lady wearing specs just lurks around the corner, ready to attack.

Pure pwnage.
That was hilarious. Hahah. That glasses lady was like a ninja or something.
Grandma: "She is trailer-trash."

The Trailer-Trash: "Did you hear that, honey? Period teenage sister--"

Lady Lurking from the sides: Ka POW!!
I've only seen a few episodes, but after watching that clip a few more times it's like something out of Arrested Development. :confused:
OUCH!!! :up: :) ITS ALL IN GOOD FUN, RIGHT GUYS?.........:( .
Holy crap, that was awesome. :eek:
You can tell the one lady never threw a punch in her life and her hand and wrist probably hurts just as much as the other ladies face, but it was so funny that I had to watch it several times.
pHat_aL said:
The Trailer-Trash: "Did you hear that, honey? Period teenage sister--"
What are you talking about?
She said "Terry had THC in her system POW!"

I just watched that about 20 times. Brutal.
I wish avatars could incorporate sound, that would make a killer one. Without the sound though, it isn't really worth it.
Wilhelm-Scream said:
Imagine if she'd had a knife in her hands.
The kind of impact her fist made, made me think of an axe to the face rather than a knife.

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