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Ooooh yeah, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - March 2008!

Meh, the Rainbow Six Vegas is great and all, but I'm more interested in any news about GRAW3. It's weird how much COD4's multiplayer reminds me of GRAW2 - UAVs, helicopters, airstrikes, radar jamming...heck, it's pretty much a trimmed down version of GRAW2 with less tactics and more shooting action.
The knuckle-draggerification of Rainbow Six is nothing compared to what they did to Ghost Recon.
The game's were good, take Rogue Spear over Vegas any day, now there more subtle for 14 year old kids who want to frag each other on xbox live.
Great news, finally I can get my revenge on that bastard. :o I can't imagine the whole game is going to take place in Vegas though. I mean, I love the setting, but it would be kind of silly to think that after all the damage we did to the bad guys in Vegas, they'd still have a large enough force to hold it.
Yea, dumb. :whatever:
They didn't simplify it for the more mainstream, such a silly billy thing to think.

A simpler game doesn't equal "terrible game". R6Vegas was a fun and well-done shooter, regardless of the fact that it was a complete bastardization of the original Rainbow Six formula. I think I'm probably one of the few on these boards to have played every single of the R6 games and it's many expansion packs on the PC - from Eagle Watch to Urban Obs and Athena Sword, even the goddamn Cover Ops Essentials. But that doesn't stop me from having a blast with Vegas. Besides, there is absolutely NO WAY you can play the PC versions of Rainbow Six with a controller. Dumbing the game down was also out of necessity.
A simpler game doesn't equal "terrible game".

I own all the pc rainbow 6 games, use to play them on a regular basis on msn gaming zone several years back, it had a unique single player experiences that wasn't run and gun. It's a matter of opinion, which I'm entitled to, if you like the more tactical original rainbow 6 games, and you get this crap, you say in your mind or out loud, or even on a message board, hey this game is terrible!

It's not really just that, but the multplayer for the pc is terrible, there are barely any servers and it's a lagothon, they really screwed us over.

Although I haven't played them, a few original rainbow 6 games were out on the playstation, I assume they used controllers, also the original rainbow 6 games were alot slower and you could use auto-aim.
IAlthough I haven't played them, a few original rainbow 6 games were out on the playstation, I assume they used controllers, also the original rainbow 6 games were alot slower and you could use auto-aim.

And THOSE games were terrible. The auto-aim was s**t, the butchered the entire planning aspect into some chessboard knockoff. Nor did you have half as many real-time commands or team members to deploy in the field. And it looked like garbage.
I played the original R6 all the time on PC, I truly loved that game. Vegas is a great game nonetheless.
블라스;13293328 said:
Too bad you can't play with with the champions :(

Nor can you. :huh:

And in all fairness, I've got about 10 chums with PS3s so I'm no exactly lonely. :csad:
Blas, I really, REALLY want to play you guys online, that's the truth...

But not in a hundred billion years am I going to be allowed a 360. :(
I think it's funny that you can't spend your own money. Just do it, damn. Do you think they're going to lock it in a closet until your 18 or something? If you really want it, just go buy it and say "there it is" and be done with it.

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