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Feb 24, 2006
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I bought this TPB today, telling of the origin of Wolverine and it is truly a great story. It answers so many questions, but also raises others. My biggest question was this...

Was James Howlett the son of Thomas Logan and Miss Elizabeth, the lady of the mansion? When Rose accidentally comes in on Elizabeth getting dressed, we see three large slashes across her ribs, either scars or fresh wounds, and it made me think that obviously someone else has the same bone structure as the young Wolvie. When Thomas Logan comes in to the mansion with the shotgun, he comes for Elizabeth, and they refer to each other in a very formal first name way.

I am wondering if there was something more that was not revealed, just to keep us somewhat in the dark.

Either way, a great story, and I love how they imply that Wolverine's memory is lost because of his healing factor, and not necessarily because of his history with Weapon X. Things to make you go hmmmm....
It was heavily implied, and makes the most sense, since Tom Logan looked exactly like Wolverine does today. Also, notice how when Jim's powers manifested, his mother mumbled "not again." I'm guessing that his dead older brother was also a mutant and had the same powers. I think that's where the scars came from.
^^^Thats exactly what i thought too. And then she says something along the lines of "its me" and she goes on to shoot herself which means the mutations was from her side rather than the man that was involved.

I dont know how I feel that is healing factor erased(at least pushed into subconcious) his memories. It certainly speaks for the range and power of his ability, but I feel like it is too easy and not continuous. What happened to the bad memories made when he was with the X-Men? How come he never came down with small case of amnesia during the comics run?
Perhaps Thomas Logan was her brother, instead of a secret lover?
The weapon x brainwashing probably did most of the damage, and his healing factor probably realised that it would be less traumatic to not remember all the events before and washed over it.

You should read wolverine: the end. That was pretty cool.

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