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original superhero show


Jun 19, 2013
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Joseph: the main character of the wolf creature series he was turned by his vengeful brother his intelligence and werewolf powers are his greatest asset. He is devoted to protecting his family.
Emma: she is as described beautiful intelligent and nice she grows to love joseph after being turned.
Derek: a tough and angry werewolf he seeks vengeance believing that joseph left him to die. He creates the wolf creature and later comes to reconcile with joseph
First vampire: the father of joseph he loves his lost son at first they are disturbed by their differences but they grew close joseph credits him with teaching him to be a leader.
Samuel: a vampire who helped joseph with his changes and is his best friend his twin brother Alex means the world to him
Joseph is a sentinel werewolf his goal is to protect balance in nature and protecting others; he has a close friend who is a sentinel werewolf from the 18th century who killed Frankenstein and his monster.
Max: a wolf that has the werewolf gene he transforms into a werewolf max loves joseph and shown to be a great addition to the family.
Judan: a vampire whose compassion knows no bounds he is the adopted son of joseph and Emma he loves his big brother Eric to no end
Eric: a werewolf who is the son of joseph and Emma he is strong and innocent like his brother they are both the prophesized kings of their species
Werewolf: human beings that transform into a humanoid half wolf half human. Werewolves have super human speed strength and telepathy joseph is strong enough to lift a vehicle; they are immune to aging and are virtually immortal. Their strength increases with age.
Vampires: vampires have superhuman strength and speed which increases with age. Vampires have psychic ability to control people and they also can defy gravity but they are weaker then werewolves.

the concept of the show is that a boy named joseph who receives the werewolf
curse and uses his intelligence and werewolf powers to protect people from evil that are grounded and realistic but also fantasical. a werewolf superhero this will be his treatment this will be the tv show will epic arcs emotion and character interaction a tv show that would attract as much of a following and attention of a film. it will not be a villian of the week crap it will be jammed with epic story arcs with quality in mind the first episode will be about joseph and dereks and how the hero of this story (joseph ) defeats him the season is him coming to terms and adapting and learning as well as some action packed stuff. the second season will feature him getting it on with emma and turning her. the first vampire wants to reconcile wih his son as well after which he becomes a sentinal. eventually a family is formed and judan and eric get in the picture. judan is the baby brother he is karlas son after karla dies of child birth emma adopts him. both of the children age quickly due to constant generation of physuical tissue making them phyisically older than they are. they are extremely close and affectionate kissing a lot. the villians will be supernatural and others will be grounded in reality

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