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Transformers Origins

Crimson Dynamo

Jun 29, 2004
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Will the film makers keep the original back-story behind the Autobots and Decepticons?
What changes should we expect to see when the film is finally released?

What things shouldn't be changed?
Well, Murphy confirmed that they will have come from Cybertron.

Don't know *how* they got to Earth, though.

Personally, I kinda hope they drop the crash-landed on Earth millions of years ago-thing, mostly because those "millions of years" are murder on continuity.

I wouldn't mind the Decepticons arriving in disguise on Earth to plunder our energy and the Autobots following them or something.

The crash-landing and deactivation can still work, I suppose, just shorten the period of time from 4 million years to something reasonable.
optimus should arrive by him self to earth possibly wounded to be discovered by sam/spike, the rest of the autobots then join and decpticons follow so the battle ensues on earth, i think its best if they leave the machines not to know of there being and how they were created.

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