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Over the Hedge - will you dare?


My name is Stefan, sweet thang
Mar 8, 2004
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I know it's apparant sacrilege to see any CG movie not done by Pixar on here, but I may give this one a look come this weekend, if only because I do read the comic strip and have been for a while. The commercials don't really give me a lot of confidence as it's mostly slapstick stuff, except for the one with Verne deadpanning to R.J., "you're the devil." I pray that they're just attempting to capture the kiddie demo with this marketing campaign, because the characters really should be done justice.
I'm fed up with CG films. One can barely even tell the difference between most of them, as for story and characters.
They never released this many real cartoon movies when I was growing up, to heck with the CG filmmakers.
I still think Cars will be better as animation entertainment movie and also in box office.
I think I'll pass. I didn't go see The Wild or Madagascar in theaters either.
I've had enough of talking animals. Apparently that's the only subject that you can legally make an animated film about in the US nowadays, though.
I'll probably see it on DVD when my little cousin either buys it or rents it.
It looks cute and you have to love when the animals go in the home and the home theater is on blowing them away!

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