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Hi Everybody!

Okay, this is my first time on the boards, but I'm backing an important cause here. We all know that in comparison to the new Spider-Man films, the old TV series from the 70s was kind of weak. However, I think it's only fair that Nicholas Hammond, the original Spider-Man, be given an opportunity to relive his place in Spider-Man live acton history with a small role or even a quick cameo in the new film.

I've started a small website (a lame one, but a start) with a link to a petition that you can sign if you believe that Nicholas Hammond deserves a role in the new film. I don't know how much filming is left for Spidey 3, but taking into account all of the post-production work needed for these films, filming may be wrapping up pretty soon. I know I'm probably cutting it close but I only get these genius ideas when things get tight.

I'd appreciate any signatures and/or any reasons why other Spider-Man fans may or may not think this is a good idea. While the show definitely had it's flaws, aside from the Electric Company skits (really stupid), Nicholas Hammond was the first live action Spider-Man and deserves a nod of respect.

Thanks for your help in this endeavor!

Captain Sack:spidey:

Sign the Petition!
While I have nothing at all against Hammond, and even look at the old series with a certain childish sentimentality, honestly he's less deserving of a cameo than Adam West is of a cameo in the Batman films.

Anyway, the film is like 75% finished shooting. It's far too late at this point to start a petition for something like this. And Sony doesn't respond to petitions. Remember what happened with the webshooters on the first film.
Thanks for your opinions, Dragon. I know you're probably right, and thanks for reminding me about the web shooter debacle of 2002.

Anyway, I'll keep the petition up if any of you want to sign it. If nothing else, I'll save it for Spidey 4 - I'm way ahead of the game on that one. Also, I should add that since Geocities sucks (they took down my website - seems I violated some sacred Geocities law), and I'm not going to pay for a website just for this, if you do want to sign the petition, just go directly there via this link:

Thanks everybody!

Captain Sack:spidey:
I don't want to see Hammond. There should be absolutely no ties between the movies & that horrendous TV show.
I heard he had a cameo in spidey 1 (in times square pp yanks him and his wife with a webline out of the way of falling debris)

I'd rather see Scott Leva do a cameo than Hammond.
that tv show sucked big time..BIG TIME, not even an unrefusable offer will see him cameo in the movie. any way i thought he was dead
guys come on.

it was the seventies.

and special effects sucked.

plus it was the seventies so that really kind of explains it :p
But it was bad even by 70's standards, which is why it didn't last.
this peition has 5 signatures in 11 days. sont think thats enought toconvince sony :(
at last, victory! Watch the new film and pay very close attention (a big raspberry to all Hammond-haters).. :oldrazz:
I would really want to see that old TV show on DVD, though.
Can we start one for SM 4? The show was pretty bad but still holds a place in my heart.
Where was he in the movie? I haven't noticed him...
Ah, ok. Reading this thread I thought he had made it in.
But it was bad even by 70's standards, which is why it didn't last.

Actually, it didn't last because advertisers were misunderstanding it's demographic. It was always a successful show in terms of viewing figures.
I just remembered something else-HE RAN AWAY FROM FIGHTS WITH ORDINARY PEOPLE! What kind of superhero does that?

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