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Phase II and the UK


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Jan 21, 2003
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So, since GOTG will shoot in England I ask myself if that might have a reason other than the big Bond stages at Shepperton.

Thor 2 filmed there too and used various locations that actually seem relevant for T:TDW's plot. Now GOTG will film in England too and since the first Cap movie was shot there too there is a very high possibility that the sequel might return. And let's not forget that Ant-Men will also certainly be shot in England.

But is there a bigger reason behind that (just like with T:TDW)? Could the locations visited in T:TDW be for Phase II what Tonsberg, Norway was for Phase I? Is it possible that Shepperton is not only used for economic reasons but that a place in England has a very important role in the MCU that we just don't know yet?

Of course, right now this is all insane speculation and I agree with everybody who believes that this is all very unlikely. But what else do we have to sepculate about for Phase II that hasn't been discussed to death already or is even more unlikely *cough* Wasp *cough* ? So let's have some fun with this and see where this will get us.
Personally, I'd *like* to see Britain (and other countries) play a larger role in the MCU, and make the MCU more global than the New York-centric comics universe; but I'm reasonably sure they keep going back to Shepperton for economic reasons and a healthy working relationship with the studios there.

But there's no doubt that Marvel Studios really likes to go for British/European/Australian stars when it comes to casting calls, so I wouldn't be surprised to see some traditionally American heroes/villains be expatriated to other countries. I've long said that I'd actually like to see Hank Pym become a Brit.
Is it confirmed that Ant-Man will be filmed in the UK?

Captain America: Winter Soldier is being filmed in Cleveland.

I think they are just filming in the UK because Pinewood/Shepperton Studios have a had big investments over the last decade, UK tax breaks and experienced film crews that have worked on large productions.

Alot of major Hollywood studios are filming more and more there for the same reasons.

Iron Man 3 is filming in the U.S, India and China. I like that Marvel is making their films global.
I'm just so excited that so many good films are being made in the UK. That way Marvel will get the best access to the biggest talent pool. I don't think there's a reason in terms of plot, I just think if I was making a movie I would want to make it there too.
If I recall correctly, the UK gave Marvel a 25% return on Captain America,
which would be $35 M on the $140 M budget. On a film like Guardians of the Galaxy which I can't see running lower than $200 M, that's going to be pretty vital.
This is all leading to the Captain Britain movie. The culmination of the whole of the MCU.

In all seriousness though, I do think it all has to do with the bottom line. Follow the money. There are surely collateral benefits to shooting in the UK (unique nearby locations, for example) that would help serve whatever stories Marvel is cooking up in its movies, but I don't think anything plot-wise is actually driving the choice to film there.
I would be pretty awesome to see a Captain Britain flying through London one day on film.


I'll settle for Thor though until then :)
I just read the actual story behind Captain Britain's creation. Marvel wanted to extend their comics to overseas by starting a line of new Marvel comics in England instead of simply reprinting old titles. So they thought a character like Captain America who represented England would help. Unfortunately no one at Marvel was from England or lived there, they were all based in America. So the character was created by Americans. The stories were written by Americans.
Later on English writers and artists like Alan Moore and Chris Claremont and especially Alan Davis would take over and reboot him. Alan Moore joked that his old design, with the yellow lion symbol was something they branded on choice eggs or something. So Davis remodeled him to be a lumbering Brock Samson type, actually based more on a comic strip character Davis liked. And he was written to be a good guy who sometimes was an idiot, but still had good intentions.

But long story short Captain Britain was actually created to be England's Captain America.
I just never knew he actually was. I thought those similarities were coincidence and joked about like Deadpool and Spider-Man.

It might actually be interesting to weave that idea into the film somehow. I mean without saying it outright. Very subtly putting that concept into the movie in some small and unnoticeable way maybe.

I would love it to be like Hot Fuzz or Shawn of the Dead, a British movie staring British actors and written by British writers with very British jokes and references and backdrops. (Shawn of the Dead had a joke about the ice cream treats they ate and American audiences didn't get it, but apparently it was very funny according to Simon Pegg, so the included it in Hot Fuzz too.)
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I think there's a small chance they'll make Ant Man British.
Could the locations visited in T:TDW be for Phase II what Tonsberg, Norway was for Phase I?
Not far away from Tønsberg, there's a small town (village) that's called Åsgårdstrand (connection to Asgaard?). Several names there are from norse mythology, like Odin's street (where I lived for about a year as a kid).
Also, just outside it, in the countryside, is a place called Ra. But it's mostly norse names. Did the scriptwriters know about this, and that's why they picked Tønsberg (over Tromsø, if the letter Ø is of importance for making it "exotic") for two pre-Avengers films?
I don't know, but I'm curious.
Daniel Craig would actually make a pretty cool Captain Britain - but he is already Bond and I am guessing nothing like that would happen very quickly (if at all) so age maybe against Mr Craig!
Also most of the filming that takes place in Britain is for tax purposes and some great sound studios and technical talent rather than the actual locations.

However some scenes in T:TDW are filmed in London and across the UK because (I believe) they want to use those locations. I think London and Stonehenge are going to make an appearance. Might be wrong though.

Also CA:TFA had a few London based scenes already so the UK has had some representation in the MCU. In fact, apart from Australia, no continent has been left untouched by the MCU thus far!

Maybe we should be pertitioning Marvel to go to Australia? Who is the most famous Australia Marvel character?? Pyro??? I dunno!
Nah, not Australia. The high Aussie dollar makes filming quite expensive.

Anyway, parts of The Wolverine are being filmed there I believe.
I think there are a few Aussies in the Marvelverse aside from Pyro but unless they outright state they are or use some slang you wouldn't know it.
Most Australian characters in Marvel tend to be villains.

Over in the X-Men/Mutant side of the Marvel universe there are plenty of Australian characters. You got Pyro, Gateway, Prettyboy, Angelo Macon, Bonebreaker and Skullbuster (The Reavers), Slipstream and Lifeguard, Key & Wall (Cable villains, Slayback (Deadpool villain), Gorgeous George (Nasty Boys), Jack-in-the-Box (Weapon X)Barnacle (Acolytes),Talisman (alpah flight).

Grizzly, Kangeroo and Boomerang (Spiderman villains), Boomslang (Serpent Society), Jack-in-the-Box
London is now the third busiest city in the world for film-making after LA and New York.

Andy Serkis and Jonathan Cavendish New pioneering ‘performance capture’ special effects studio Imaginarium just opened at Ealing Studios.It's set up to be Europe's leading Performance Capture studio.

Pinewood studios is still planning its £200m expansion.

Warner Bros purchased Leavesden Studios (where they made Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes) in 2010 and have invested £100 million.
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In North America its traditionally:

1) LA
2) NY
3) Ontario
4) British Columbia

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