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Feb 11, 2011
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So the Marvel Cinematic Universe started in a good way, and this was technically Phase I (Not counting with the video games and comics):
-Iron Man
-Incredible Hulk
-Iron Man 2
-Captain America: The First Avenger
So what's gonna be Phase II?
Marvel studios got the rights for the punisher back and said they have plans for a Frank Castle film, while the Ant-Man film is long expected to be the next Avengers member to go to the big screen.
Characters like Fantastic Four i don't expect Marvel Studios to have the rights soon, so i believe they may be made when MCU hits Phase III.
For Phase II i expect the characters less people know to appear.
And Marvel plans a lot of spin-off, so Phase II may probably be like this:
-Iron Man 3
-S.H.I.E.L.D. or Nick Fury film
-Thor 2
-Black Widow
-Captain America 2
-Doctor Strange
-War Machinne
-Black Panther
-The Avengers 2
I didn't include Hulk 2 because unfortunatelly it may not have a sequel but if avengers is successful then marvel may plan a sequel some time after Iron Man 3, and i don't expect all thse films to be made in phase II, Marvel may only make 6 but only time will tell.
So, what do you all boys & girls think?
I do believe there are a handful of threads for this topic
This is what Id like to see
Dr Strange
Nova/Quasar/Captain Marvel...something cosmic
Black Panther
Black Panther/Dr.Strange&Pym are definitely the top 3 that I'd want and realistically could happen.....IF there's a"PhaseII"after Avengers!

Namor would be great and Punisher could be damn interesting,But I've been wanting Black Panther&Strange for years and with Pym.....Well he's an original Avenger member and plus Wasp would likely be in it and so it could be two big characters for the price of one!!!!
2013: Iron Man 3 / Ant-Man
2014: Thor 2 / Black Panther
2015: Captain America 2 / Doctor Strange
2016: Avengers 2
2013: Iron Man 3 / Ant-Man
2014: Thor 2 / Black Panther
2015: Captain America 2 / Doctor Strange
2016: Avengers 2

I'd sure like it in that order!
I don't have the articles on hand but I do believe Marvel wants to eventually release three films a year, and that a Marvel executive hinted at Avengers 2 in 2017. After IM3 RDJ will likely retire from the role (Stark's a more age-limited character than Holmes) and not recast until Avengers 2: Rise of Thanos (why not?) I can see Thor and Cap getting more films (especially with all the gods and Celestials and Ragnarok in the former) and Avengers earning Hulk another shot. I don't see Black Widow and Hawkeye spin-offs at all but they could be protagonists in a SHIELD movie with Fury (a split-off as opposed to a spin-off).

As for new characters, I believe Edgar Wright will complete Ant-Man in 2013 (Ultron! Vision!) and we will get films of Black Panther, Dr. Strange, (and maybe) Namor and Iron Fist during 'phase 2'. As an irregular TPB reader I hope films of these and others like Nova, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Inhumans - more far off I reckon, perhaps Marvel will feel more comfortable using them once they have the rights to the Silver Surfer back - can help me become even more familiar with them. :)
2013: Iron Man 3 / Ant-Man
2014: Thor 2 / Black Panther
2015: Captain America 2 / Doctor Strange
2016: Avengers 2

I think flip Dr. Strange to 2014 and maybe Cap 2 to 2014 (which ever Cap or Thor getting a sequel first I feel depends on how well Cap does vs Thor's BO...I see 2014 for 1 and 2015 for the other, also but the order may change), and this is likely to happen.

I think Dr. Strange happens before Black Panther because it has writers already and is further along. But, I think something like this is what will happen.
I see two general possibilities:

2013: Iron Man 3 / Ant-Man
2014: Captain America 2 / Dr. Strange
2015: Thor 2 / Black Panther
2016: Avengers 2


2013: Iron Man 3 / Ant-Man
2014: Captain America 2 / Doctor Strange
2015: Avengers 2
2016: Thor 2 / Black Panther

I just have a feeling Marvel's gonna want to get another Avengers in the works sooner rather than later. And in both scenarios, it's worth noting that Cap and Thor are interchangeable at this point: I just list Cap first right now because his sequel was announced first. It could still go either way.
I really hope to see a Ant-Man movie soon and those rumors that it may have one ant-man in the 60s and another one in the present sounds good to me, i also see a iron man 4 being made only maybe in Phase III and so i think for now they may make a War Machinne spin-off and include him as a member of the Avengers in avengers 2.
A SHIELD, black widow and hawkeye spin offs could also be interesting but i wouldn't mind if it was all mixed in a lone SHIELD spin off.
What about this order?
2013: Iron Man 3 / Ant-Man
2014: Doctor Strange / S.H.I.E.L.D.
2015: Captain America 2 / Thor 2
2016: Black Panther / War Machine / Inhumans
2017: Avengers 2
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Sahara, Dylan Dog and the new Conan :barf:
I hope after the Avengers is out the way, the solo movies of Cap, Thor and Iron Man focus on their mythos more.

I also want to see Marvel Studios expand into the cosmic side of things. Didn't Feige say in an interview a while ago that he wanted to do a big space epic? Annihilation please!

Also I could dig Black Panther and Doc Strange movies.
i would like to see Annihilation handled like Avengers...introduce a bunch of cosmic characters in solo movies aimed towards Quasar, Nova, and so forth
Sahara, Dylan Dog and the new Conan :barf:

My guess is that they're just a starting point. I doubt they'll be the final writers but maybe they pitched Marvel a general outline that worked.
It seems like Thor 2 will be released with Iron Man 2
2011: Iron Man 3/ Thor 2
2012: Ant Man/ Captain America 2
2013: Doctor Strange/ Iron Fist/ War Machinne(probably to fill the void of iron man)
2014: S.H.I.E.L.D. or Black Widow/ Thor 3/ Captain America 3
2015: Inhumans/ Avengers 2
I see it like this for the Summer schedule:

2013: Iron Man 3 / Thor 2
2014: Captain America 2 / Dr. Strange
2015: Avengers 2

maybe in the spring of 2014, we'll start seeing smaller movies in February and September/ October slots. These would include Iron Fist, Ant-Man, Luke Cage, Black Widow, Hawkeye etc.

I predict by 2014, we'll have 2 summer movies and a spring movie. 2015 I figure we'll see Avengers as the primary focus with perhaps a smaller later summer movie.
I'm hoping at SDCC or right after, following the release and performance of CA, they reveal they're next phase the way they basically did immediately after TIH. And that it includes a third movie for 2013. Not to be greedy or anything, but it'd be nice to have them achieve what they've set out to do putting all these movies out per year.
Am I the only one who feels that they are releasing too much too soon? To me it truely looks like they're just trying to cash in on a fad and it should not be that way. Take your time Marvel!
I do feel that Marvel will burn out the GA on superhero movies
I think Marvel needs to stick with no more than two movies per year, otherwise they'll oversaturate the market and people will get burned out on comic book movies. Not to mention they'll likely get burned out on the creative side of things, as well.

Here's my idea:

2012: The Avengers
2013: Iron Man 3 / Thor 2
2014: Captain America 2 / Doctor Strange?
2015: The Avengers 2
2016: Thor 3 / Black Panther?
2017: Captain America 3 / S.H.I.E.L.D.?
2018: The Avengers 3

I think after IM3 Downey will only return for Avengers movies, and to be honest, I think by 2018/Avengers 3 the GA will probably be getting bored and Marvel will take a break to recharge. I also don't see that Ant-Man solo film ever seeing the light of day, to be honest. I don't think it would do terribly well, anyway; they might be better off just introducing Hank and Jan in The Avengers 2. If they prove popular enough, maybe then we'll get an Ant-Man/Wasp team-up.
I think they should consider the schedules based on what they want the Avengers films to accomplish. Are they setting up an Infinity Gauntlet Avengers film for the sequel or for Avengers 3? Or will the Ultron/Vision story line be the basis of the other Avenger film they don't chose for the Infinity Gauntlet storyline?

IMO, those storylines go in completely different paths and as such, you would need solo films that help to establish the characters and relationships that evolve and culminate in the subsequent Avengers film. Can't do Ultron and Vision without Ant-Man, Black Panther, and the historical setup that sequels to the foundation films would provide. On the flip-side, you can't do the Infinity Gauntlet without Dr. Strange and Nova/Guardians of the Galaxy.
I sincerelly want to see Ant-Man in 2013-2015 because it really looks great.
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