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Pointless Facts Thread

Man w 0 Fear

Jun 18, 2002
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Post your pointless facts here. I'll get the ball rolling

-The small little plastic tube things on the end of your shoe laces are called "Aglets"

-Kermit the frog is left handed

-Pig's orgasm's will last up to 30 minutes
-If you make something idiot prufe,someone will make a better idiot.:)
- Malaysian babies are washed in beer to keep them away from diseases
Originally posted by Man w 0 Fear
-Kermit the frog is left handed
The REALLY REALLY sad thing..............I already knew that!:eek:
Originally posted by ryoko

The REALLY REALLY sad thing..............I already knew that!:eek:

I must concur with your analysis. . . . .that is sad.

-Elephants can't jump
-An ostrich's brain is smaller that it's eye
-the longest word in the English language is 45 letters long
- Marilyn Monroe washed her face 15 times a day to avoid pimples
-Steven Speilberg was rejected from USC Film School
The first heavy-drinking U.S. president, as well as the first presidential college dropout, James Monroe – like John Adams and Thomas Jefferson before him – died on Independence Day, the last president to date to bear that trivia distinction.
The chiao is an official unit of currency in China. Also known as jiao, it is a copper-zinc coin that is one-tenth of a yuan and equal to 10 fen.
During the Middle Ages, a popular warm drink for those who were sick was called a caudle. Wine or ale was mixed with eggs, bread, sugar, and spices and was used to soothe and heal the ill.
The male praying mantis often loses his head – literally – after courting the female. The latter is known to decapitate the earnest suitor, and she often completely devours him.
The world’s first “McSki” opened in Sweden with "Ski-Thru" service. Skiers can ski up to the counter and order their favorite McDonald's sandwich without missing a beat on the mountain slopes.
Experts have come to the conclusion that additional U.S. freeways does not automatically ease vehicle congestion. An example was shown in Springfield, Virginia, outside of Washington, D.C. The 8-year, $434 million freeway construction project resulted in commuters shaving only 30 seconds off of their drive time. The conclusion was that motorists lost more time in delays during construction than they could make up once the construction was complete.

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