Problems with pages loading in IE

Not Jake

Dec 1, 2004
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get a new browser

I don't want to get a new browser.

I just got a new harddrive and installed windows and everything the other day. IE6 was giving me some probs with saving images and having to refresh pages (sometimes several times) to get them to load. Well, I downloaded the IE7 beta. Fixed the image probs, but not the fact that pages are loading terribly ****ty. It's gotta be a prob on my computer because other computers on the campus network are doing just fine.

I've tried clearing out all my crap (temporary internet files, history, etc) and running adaware and spybot to no avail. I want to die.

Is it a problem with one of the fifty thousand gay updates I had to download from windows the other day? If so how would I know what is fooked with my crap**** notebook.
oh okay, great, I broke down and downloaded Firefox and everything is the same except now I'm getting "The connection has timed out"s instead of "This page cannot be displayed"s. Then I have to click "Try again" instead of "refresh" and it generally is loading the page.

What the bad place is wrong with my gay crap compugayter crap crap dog kitty.:mad:
Getting IE7 wasn't such a good idea. Beta's rarely do any good.
What kind of connection do you have? Also firewalls, anti-virus, etc.
i'm on a campus broadband network (and my roommates' browser is loading pages fine)

I have the windows xp firewall on but I made sure to let Firefox through

I have symantec anti-virus all updated
and it maybe should be noted that I am using a p2p program(Ares) stuff just splendidly. It's oblivious to my website-surfing woes:(

Firefox is also performing better than IE was, but it still has the problem.

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