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The Dark Knight Prologue or first seven minutes?


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Nov 9, 2001
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I've been trying to get this question answered but to no luck. So I guess I'll make a thread for it. Does anyone know if the prologue with "I Am Legend" is going to be in the actual movie? Is it separate? I've heard it described as the first seven minutes and as a prologue. Sooo anyone know for sure?
I was rather worried that the prologue with I Am Legend would not be in the film and therefore millions of fans would be dissapointed, confused and downright screwed.

I was wrong, apparently it'll be in the movie as the first scenes, then it'll cut into the rest of the movie, if that makes sense.

It'll be in The Dark Knight, don't worry!
That's for sure, it has been confirmed? If so, why? Why release some of the movie early?
I think it was released because of the viral marketing seeyouindecember.com that came out this past summer. Since its December, kinda alluding to the Joker seeing you for the first time. Blah, blah blah. Plus since the marketing has been so strong, and the movie doesnt come out until summer of next year, I think WB just wanted to satiate the fan's thirst.
It just got released early to hype it up and get more people. Remember, BB was a critical success, but not neccesarily a box-office success. They need to tap into a wider fanbase...
OK, so it will be in the movie. RobC you make sense about the whole box-office thing. Being a fan I sometimes forget other people aren't as hyped as I am for this movie and don't need the first seven minutes. Now I'm just tempted to go see it, well thanks everyone for clearing that up for me.

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