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Jun 3, 2002
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Interesting read. It's from Monday November 27th.
series producers/writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite


I didn't copy all of the question/question here but most of them.

is Niki a split personality because of her powers? Or was she a split personality to begin with and the Jessica persona is the only one that knows how to access her abilities?

This very question will be at the crux of Niki's next group of episodes when we come back in January.

Now, considering Peter Petrelli wrestled with Sylar in "Homecoming," didn't he absorb some of Sylar's abilities? Wouldn't that give him some clues as to the full range of Sylar's capabilities? And can you clue us in when Peter will better learn the extent of his powers?

That logic seems pretty sound to us - and who's to say he didn't absorb some of that power already (either Sylar's a terrible shot, or Peter had some other help in fending off those flying locker doors.) As for a clue - Peter will meet someone in January who will help him understand the extent of his abilities. Who, you ask? Exactly.

The show has mentioned a "genetic marker" several times. Is this something found in a person's DNA, is it a formula that takes into account other factors, or something else entirely?

As far as we know right now, there is an arrangement of start and stop codons that our people have that indicates their potential for having an ability. And so far everyone on the list seems to have that marker. But that may be just one piece of the puzzle.

Those of us with TiVos and DVRs were given a treat with the list of addresses seen on the computer screen. There were a number of names on that list that we haven't met yet - Byron, Tracy, Paula, Curtis, Pencala and Teresa were the visible ones that - as far as we know - aren't dead yet. Will we be meeting some of these names throughout the season? Can you give us any hints about the characters behind these names?

We can tell you that we'll meet a few of them this season. And pay close attention to the locations. Too bad this cut didn't show you Hannah Gittleman or Sparrow Redhouse. Than we'd have some stories to tell.

Isaac's latest painting kind of looked like a flaming person (almost an X-Men Phoenix homage, if you're a comic book fan). Any chance this "human torch" could be Theodore Sprague, or have we seen the last of him?

We have certainly not seen the last of Theodore Sprague. We'll get a little insight into the painting in episode 11, and a hell of a lot more in episodes 12 on.

Eden and the Haitian worked well together to take down Sylar - almost as if they'd had some training on how to do this. Now, Tim Kring (Your Fearless Leader), in our interview with him prior to the show's start, made it clear we would not see an assembling of heroes like a JLA, but now there are hints that it might be moving in that direction. Could you clear that up for us a bit and give us a hint as to what we should expect, "group" wise?

Don't go picking out curtains for the Hall of Justice anytime soon. Eden and the Haitian have known each other for a while. In fact, I think they met about "Six Months Ago" (where have we heard that term before?). As we're sure Tim has stated, we're trying to deal with the real world here - and in the real world people certainly work together, just not all of them at once wearing the same ring. That being said, keep an eye out for a cool new pairing (or is it a tripling?) in the next couple weeks.

Let's talk about HRG a bit, AKA Mr. Bennet played by Jack Coleman, who's become one of the most fascinating and multi-layered characters on the show. When we began these Q&As you guys told us not everything may be as it seems. With "Homecoming," we learned Mr. Bennett isn't necessarily a bad guy, but he is a man with an agenda - the one we know for certain being to protect his daughter from Sylar. If you wouldn't mind, tell us a bit about the development of this character. Was he always intended to play this role, or has it expanded as you guys came to know him?

You knew a lot about this character before he had any of his screentime, just by the specs he left behind. Tim (OFL) loved the idea of these glasses, as they invoked a "Cold War Era" feeling. (Jack Coleman swears that the glasses do half the acting - we're not so sure about that). And then the true stroke of genius came along when Tim came to us and said - "Guess what I just added? The guy with the glasses is going to be Claire's father." It seemed to make so much sense. Then it was decided that the only way to make this an interesting relationship was to make this guy a great father. Add to that the amazing chemistry between Jack and Hayden and the end result has been something amazing.

We seem to recall a painting by Isaac that depicted Hiro and Ando at the homecoming? But, neither of them were there. Could this be considered a flub or something done by design with answers to come?

Oh yeah, that painting. We haven't paid that off yet? Hmm (that's us being sarcastic - wait and see.)

Last week we got to see the hash marks on Matt and Theodore Sprague (AKA Radioactive Man, wait, no, that's a Simpson's/Bongo Comics hero!). Is it just a coincidence that, as the only two "Heroes" that have been experimented on by Claire's dad and The Haitian, they're the one's with the least amount of control over their powers?

If only Millhouse had been around before HRG got to him, he could have saved him with his catchphrase. You're on the right track about these two guys, that's all we can tell you.

In the past week we've learned that George Takei will play the role of Hiro Nakamura's Father in an upcoming episode and that Christopher Eccleston ("Dr. Who") will be featured in an episode this January. First, can you tell us in which episodes we should expect to see these actors?

Mr. Nakamura will first show up at the end of Episode 13. And the character will appear again in at least Episode 14. As for Mr. Eccleston, he'll be here soon. You just might not be able to pick him out of the crowd.

Secondly, this is just more interesting casting taking place in the show. We've had Richard Roundtree on the show, who played Shaft, the most well known character during the Blaxploitation era of film making. Now we have members of two of the greatest sci-fi franchises of all time. Is this a deliberate move on the part of the show to salute great genre shows/films of the past and present? Should we expect more of this in the future?

We use a simple formula when casting: Best actor gets role.Roundtree rocked it, he gets the role. Christopher Eccelston was perfect for the role we were looking for (we don't want to give too much away on this.) As far as Mr Takei, it was serendipity. We had joked about his playing Hiro's Father from the get-go, but it wasn't until he showed up in a casting session and knocked Tim's socks off that the role was his. Like Masi before him, he translated from English to Japanese on the spot, he got what we were trying to get across with the character on his first read. George Takei exceeded our highest expectations. We think he'll do the same for the entire audience.

The titles for each episode have been integrated into the show's background in a very cool way. It definitely lends itself to that comic book "feel" to see characters walking on top of the title, etc. Where did this idea come from and whose idea was this?

Like most good ideas, it came from Tim Kring, (Our Fearless Leader). As we recall it, he saw that beautiful shot and said - let's try putting the title there. After seeing it in the pilot it became a no-brainer.
Pretty interesting. We gotta find Grunberg and go out for a few drinks.

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