Question about new trailer- deja vu?



Ok, I don't know anything about HellBoy at all. But I saw the trailer today. Has any of this footage been released before? I seriously watched it and thought i was having deja vu the entire time.
Not that I know of.I have been keeping an eye on this movie.They are very tight lipped,and I am pretty sure this is the first footage ever shown.

Welcome to the Hype!
Haha wow. Well, I swear to you, I've seen that entire trailer somewhere before... So strange...
are you being a smart ass and saying all this coz you think the movie has not changed from it previous movie?

coz to be honest this film look amazingly fantastic, and already i can tell its larger then its previous counter part...

but yeah are you being a smart ass or have you actually seen all this footage before?
i think the road in it where that monster came out of the end was the same one used during spidey 2 when ock's experiments start dragging cars around
i believe it would be not allowed to use a different movies scene in another movies trailer... what you said was just down right dumb.
it maybe just reminds you and isn't the actual scene itself...
jeeze your people.
Nope - it's an entirely original set built on the back lot of Korda Studios, just outside Budapest.


I was actually commenting on whether or not it was the same location, not the EXACT same scene...


here is the street used that i was talking about in spidey 2

and this was the one in the hellboy trailer


they are indeed very similar

as for your comments about repeating scenes (not that it has been done in this case) but micheal bay HAS actually recycled some of the shots he made for pearl harbour that were used in the transformers, so Nyah...



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yes they do look similar, but thats the magic of hollywood and i believe this is based in new york city... considering by some reports.

so yeah they do look the same.

and my comments about scenes being reused, micheal bay used scenes from his own movies and they would be also from the same studio.

spidey is sony... HB II would be universal two totally diffrent studio and director.

so yeah.
well regards to the thread starter, perhaps this might be his reasoning for Deja Vu.

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