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The Dark Knight Questions about the Mafia Structure in TDK

Dark Sentinel

Jun 23, 2005
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Alright, so we know that the mob plays a big part in TDK's plotline, and that Sal Maroni is the new boss of the Falcone crime family (confirmed in the Gotham Times).

What I don't get is, in TLH Falcone and Maroni were the bosses of their respective families, and not only that, they were bitter rivals. In the film, it seems like Maroni was either a Consigliere (advisor) or Underboss of Falcone behind the scenes, though it isn't unheard of that mafiosi that close wouldn't have a large amount of disrespect for one another.

So, either Maroni was the head of another Gotham crime family who subsequently stepped in and took over criminal operations in Gotham in the wake of both Falcone's disappearance and the Narrows disaster; or he was a Falcone underboss who snatched power the first chance he got after Falcone's disappearance.

I think it interesting that, considering Nolan and Goyer constructed a three-film arc for their take on Batman, they didn't mention Maroni in "Begins" at all. They must have known with certainty that, if "Begins" did well, they could continue the story and deal with Dent in the later sequels (rumors indicated, in fact, that DA Finch in "Begins" was originally going to be Dent, but that was scrapped.) Considering that much of Dent's story is borrowed from "The Long Halloween," you'd think they'd address Maroni somewhere earlier.

However, I suspect that with a handful of villains already, Maroni was left behind so they could focus on Falcone, Crane, and Ducard. This suggests to me that Maroni is going to be a minor crime boss that stepped in after Falcone's downfall to seize power. It would be easier to explain that way, narratively; otherwise, if he was originally Falcone's rival and a major crime lord in "Begins," the viewer would wonder why he was never addressed before.

It also makes better sense that way. In keeping with realism, if you've ever seen the "Godfather" films, one of the cardinal rules of organized crime is, if the Don/Boss goes down, someone's going to try and muscle in on your racket. I wouldn't be surprised if, after Falcone went to Arkham, there was an all-out gang war, and Maroni ended up on top. No doubt, though, that the war is still continuing in TDK.
that's definite sglass. in the gotham times it states that after the arkham breakout, falcone disappeared and every ganster in gotham tried to take top stage. and they are still warring today. the chechens, gambol, maroni, etc.

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