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Dec 7, 2005
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quick question while the admins are watching....

Is the writter that reviews this movie tonight going to give an honest opinion? or does he have to show support for it? and this is a very valid question. For example... on the daily show, john stewart let one of the stars from GARFIELD come on the show... and in the middle of interviewing them he was suppose to do a plug for the movie. (it was a contracted agreement to the interview) and he starts this plug and begins to laugh...saying "hmmmm... i am really not going to watch this". Then jennifer love hewitts face just drops... they go to commercial, they come back and he tries to recover.

now i aint a fool when i know that fox gives us a lot of insider info and exclusives... and i know that they know if your writter comes back with PRAISES OF GLORY, then that is nothing but BIG BUCKS for them.... sooo i ask as politely as possible...

are we getting a real review on this movie from the writters at SHH!, or are we not getting one at all, or are we just getting a plug?

no disrespect meant.. you can even PM me the answer
Just because he is watching it today, does not mean the review will be up.
no one said there would be a review up... I am saying if we get one is going to be real or a plug to keep our good relationship going with FOX?????? cause it is seemingly dumb to assume that there wasnt some form of agreement talked about before SHH! got screen rights. So, are we foxes puppet at the moment or are we getting a very real and honest overview of the movie? Or did they just let us see it so we could be like that elite member of those who have seen it but there is no review to be wrote? or does fox have to approve our review????

either way... i think it is safe to say, that there is a condition for our screening and we will not get an honest review from SHH

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