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Recommend A Movie Thread....


There's an invisible man
Jan 5, 2006
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Just thought I would post this for people wanting to check out some new movies and share some with others.

If you like indie type movies you might enjoy....

Primer: What If It Really Works
Pi: Faith In Chaos

If you like documentaries you NEED to check out

Hoop Dreams (My Favorite Doc)

also very good
Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price
Heart of The Game
An Inconvenient Truth
Enron: The Smartest Men In The Room


Super Troopers (You will either love it or not like it, if you like to enjoy some recreation type activities make sure you are very baked for the beginning of this one, one of the best openers for a comedy ever IMHO)

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle (It has NPH in it, need I say more)
National Lampoon's Animal House
Memento is a really awesome film. If you haven't seen it, go rent it or something ASAP. It's pretty innovative and a great movie-watching experience. :up:
Just to name a few..


L.A. Confidential


The Terminator

Silence of The Lambs
The Way Of The Gun.



The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford is a must-see movie. I can't recommend it enough. If you really like character-driven dramas or great acting, you'll love the movie.
Movies to check out are:
super hero movies
batman begins
batman superman cartoon movie
super man doomes day
fanstic four-rise of the sliver srufer
the rockteer

ground hog day
ghost busters 1 or 2
the shaggy dog
the pink panther
What about bob ?
How to eat friead worms
the sand lot heading home

scifi action movies:
the first kid
Dasiter in time
rumble in the brox jackie chan movie
first strikes jackie chan movie
natiaonl treause 1 or 2
the rundown
the one with jet li
Mask of zorro or ledgen of zorro
the last mizzy
I saw Goodfellas like a month ago. great movie.

And though it's not a movie(though they made one) definitely see the old david carradine (of kill bill) kung fu once in your life time. you won't regret it.
Batman Begins 9.8/10

V for Vendetta 9.6/10

Casino Royale 9.6/10

Zoolander 9.1/10
Although its not my favorite...and not a full on action movie...Harsh Times was pretty good...I recommend people give it a chance and check it out not unless u already have
Glory is a must see

Marathon Man
Do The Right Thing (Crash but 15 years ealier)
Walk The Line
Hustle And Flow...What a great damn movie this is. I had no interest in this movie and I love Rap but I don't like much radio stuff, but when I did watch this movie I was awed. Terence Howard is amazing, I swear in the first scene I forget it is him. Amazing movie you MUST see it.
Pulp Fiction
Resevoir Dogs
Zatoichi The Blind Samurai...I think there are 12 vols or something
Taxi Driver
Raging Bull
Donnie Darko....Very odd movie if you like momento you might really like this
American Beauty
The Usual Suspects
Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (My all time favorite movie)
Boondock Saints
Enter The Dragon
Fight Club
12 Monkeys
American History X
He Got Game
Lean On me
Stand By Me
The Hurricane
A League Of Their Own...Probably the best thing said about baseball ever
Bull Durham
Old School
Wedding Crashers
Men Of Honor
A Beautiful Mind
Cinderella Man
The Animatrix....Better than all three of the movies IMHO
Black Rain
Blade Runner....you need to watch this
Jaws...you haven't seen this?
Die Hard
Die Hard Live Free Or Die Hard
Full Metal Jacket
Indiana Jones...All of Them
NEXT...not a great movie but very cool concept wise
The Princess Blade...not bride, blade
Sin City
Star Wars IV, V, VI
Superman: The Movie
Superman II the richard donner version
They Live...very cool sci fi movie
Three Kings
Tombstone...if you like drinking games take a shot everytime doc holiday does
The Transporter
War Of The Worlds
The Breakfast Club
21 Grams
A Clockwork Orange
A History of Violence
Almost Famous
American Splendor
The Big Blue
Boogie Nights
Catch Me If You Can
The Hustler
The Color Of Money....sequel to The Hustler
The Cooler
Dead Man Walking
Dog Day Afternoon
The Door In The Floor
Easy Rider
Eight Men Out
The Fisher King
Flags Of Our Fathers
Forrest Gump...the book is many times better
The Fountain
The Godfather I&II
The Graduate
The Greatest Game Ever Played
the Grifters
Hotel Rwanda
The Last Emperor
One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
The Outsiders
The Machinist
Million Dollar Baby
Mr. Holland's Opus
Of Mice and Men
Pan's Labyrinth
Quiz Show
Rescue Dawn
Risky Business
The Salton Sea
Saving Private Ryan
Searching For Bobby Fisher
Requiem For A Dream
Boiler Room
A Day Without a Mexican
American Dreamz
Back To The Future I,II,III
Bad News Bears...the original
Bad Santa
Being John Malkovich
Bend It Like Beckham
The Big Lebowski
Bottle Rocket
Million Dollar Baby
American Beauty
Edward Scissorhands
A Beautiful Mind
Happy Feet's a great film - one that I can't recommend enough. It's like the new "Watership Down;" for an expanded view, check out the review on my blog.

Speaking of Richard Adams stuff, I'd also recommend The Plague Dogs. If you search through my thread history, I actually hosted the entire film up on here, through youtube. It shouldn't be that hard to find. It's depressing, but it's more than worth it.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was pretty great
Lars and the Real Girl. One of the most touching movies I've seen in years with the most endearing characters you'll find.
id recommend The Usual Suspects to those who havent seen it, saw that for the first time recently. great film and the twist ending is classic
Just t

Primer: What If It Really Works
No subtitle for Primer
Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price
Enron: The Smartest Men In The Room
Terrible film.
Smartest GUYS in the room.

Super Troopers (You will either love it or not like it, if you like to enjoy some recreation type activities make sure you are very baked for the beginning of this one, one of the best openers for a comedy ever IMHO)
Terrible movie.
If you haven't seen it, True Romance. Amazing ****in' movie.
id recommend kung pow: enter the fist, guaranteed to be the first film u fell asleep watching
id recommend kung pow: enter the fist, guaranteed to be the first film u fell asleep watching

I fell asleep watching The Exorcist. What a boring pile of crap that is. Although I have seen the end a couple of times and that's pretty cool. "Your mother sucks ***** in hell" makes me laugh everytime. :woot:
Old Boy
Across The Universe
Zombi 2
Taxi Driver
The Cat In The Hat (with Mike Myers :woot: )
No subtitle for Primer
Terrible film.
Smartest GUYS in the room.

Terrible movie

There is on the one I own.

Then you just don't get it. Super Troopers is pure gold, it only gets better each time you watch it.
The Way Of The Gun.

I was beginning to think i was the only one who liked this movie. Quite the hidden gem

F**k -about the f-word
This FIlm is Not Yet Rated- about the bias MPAA
The Champion- about Danny Trejo
No subtitle for Primer
Terrible film.
Smartest GUYS in the room.

Terrible movie.

the grammar (lack of a better word) mistakes can be chalked up to international release DVDs

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