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Recommendation Thread


Jul 28, 2010
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I made this thread because I think it'd be nice for people to come in and ask about different games that one is interested in But not sure about it and would like recommendations to help in decisions,Me for example I need thoughts about something..

I've never been into the Call of Duty games as I prefer futuristic war games such as Halo/Gears of War/etc,One big reason I avoid these war games in modern day is because I don't support wars in the world/I don't care for the US military and I don't trust the government and so I carry that into games&everything else..However I love playing as bad ass rebel cops/swat teams/mercs and stuff like that cause it reminds me of over the top action movies,Games that are"realistic"But not like simulations of real life US Military or Navy Seals and obviously inspired by real events.

My bro in law loves COD though and he has Black Ops II so I tried it,I was hesitant at first But I got f'n hooked and now I got the game,I finally fell into Call of Duty craze.

But base on this game and my likes&dislikes that I mentioned..Does anybody recommend that I should try games such as Battlefield 3&Medal of Honor:Warfighter or just stick to this game??,Two things that interests me in Black Ops II is that a lot of it takes place in 2025 and so it's technically a"futuristic"game and another thing is that I think it's cool we can play as different factions depending on the multiplayer maps such as Mercs/Militia/Rebels/etc than one thing that just leads to US Military propaganda as a game in whole

Sorry for the LOOOONG post!
You might want to look into the Tom Clancy stuff. Specifically the recent Ghost Recon games. They have a similar futuristic-but-not-too-futuristic feel.
Yeah I forgot to mention I love Rainbow Six&Ghost Recon games,I haven't gotten the latest GR game though But I want it too,The Call of Duty games just weren't my"cup of tea"and felt they were extremly overrated But after playing&now having Black Ops II..Damn it's f'n FUN&ADDICTIVE and so Iwonder IF I waswrong about Battle Field/Medal of Honor too,Home Front still seems too patriotic&too american for my tastes and the american flag on the boxart turns me OFF
You should probably worry less about how many American flags are in a game, and more about whether the game is actually good or not.
If you can play Call of Duty or damn near any other modern shooter and enjoy it, your misguided disdain for the US Military seems to be more of an artificial political stance than a meaningful philosophical one. So like soapy said, stop worrying about flags on the box art and start paying attention to gameplay.

Battlefield 3's mp is fantastic(and in those multiplayer modes u don't always play as the US side, so your stupid anti US stance won't constantly feel like its being challenged) and the latest Ghost Recon has a really solid single player and pretty damn good MP, assuming u get with a good team. I'd suggest staying away from Medal of Honor. Far Cry 2(and now Far Cry 3) are also top notch.
My personal views wasn't the main reason for not checking out these games,I'm a more into s ci-fi/fantasy&over the top stuff for anything besides just war games,My views did take a part though and perhaps your right,I'm really enjoying Black Ops II and so I guess it's a sign for me to put my views aside for a bit,

I don't feel my views as stupid nor misguided But I think I can handle letting that go while enjoying the games
Would anyone be able to recommend any good multiplayer fighting games for the 360?
Street Fighter IV? King of Fighters 13?
Can anybody here recommend 'remember me'?

I WAS looking forward to this game, but the mixed reviews kinda makes me cautious..
Can anybody here recommend 'remember me'?

I WAS looking forward to this game, but the mixed reviews kinda makes me cautious..
Play a demo if you can find it
You won't find one on Steam
The new Tomb Raider was fantastic. i suggest you all check it out

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