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Feb 1, 2007
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In the next days reshoot of "The Punisher: War Zone" in Montreal. :yay:
Well, since Lionsgate did a deal with the WGA, maybe they're going to be able to go and redo/rework some scenes that didn't work out.
Do they have the budget to go back and do reshoots? Where is the article on this?
They could've gotten some more money from Lionsgate, then again this could all be bull****.
Pretty sure they just meant the shoot they didn't get to do, on the high rise. The one she blogged about.
It's a small outdoor scene they couldn't do because there was a snow storm that day.
a lot of movies do reshoots because of sound problems or the raw footage didn't process right.
Glad to hear their getting that shot done now.
Great information. Appreciated. :up:

I do believe this is more of a 'delayed shoot' rather than a 'reshoot'.
I know they were going back to film a scene on a rooftop per the blog but they went back again?
Maybe they are reshooting the whole thing with Tom Jane and then letting the fans decide who is the better Punisher.
How are they reshooting in Montreal, there is TONS of snow!
It's fracking freezing!
I guess a lot of the shots where indoor ones. Then again, today and yesterday it RAINED again.
Climate change a myth my ash.

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