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Jul 19, 2002
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N'gai Coral: The flip side of Resistance is that on some of the message boards that I've read--at the risk of name checking them, NeoGAF--the thread on Resistance is still going strong. Before Resistance shipped in November, the reaction rose and fell with the quality of each screenshot that got posted. Then it got into people's hands, and there was a little bit of early disappointment. Then as people got further into the game, people were posting their own screenshots and videos and saying, "It keeps getting better and better." Every time I go on NeoGAF, I'm wondering, why is this thread still going? And what's keeping it going now is the multiplayer. Now NeoGAF is a small snapshot; there are more people on the IGN message boards or the Gamespot boards. But is that response a harbinger of Resistance having greater legs than its initial sales might have indicated? And when you talk to the publishing side of Playstation, do they have plans for development and marketing and PR to keep that going so that Resistance can continue to find an audience?

Phil Harrison: Absolutely. We're going to release additional content for Resistance. I don't think we've gone into detail on the schedule, but we have some really, really cool things that will be extending the story, extending the locations, some brand new content, starting in April. So if that works well and is well-received by the audience, then that will keep the engagement with game going between now and should there be a sequel at some point in the future.

Maybe I can talk to my buds at Insomniac and get an inside scoop hehehe. :D

Thanks for posting this awesome news Zenien. :)
I wonder if it will be in the form of new maps, or single player content, or both.
2 new maps Single Player expansion (?) and multiplayer servers will be going global (no longer regional).

IGN: How many are we getting, what are they called, and where are they set?

Ted Price: We created two entirely new maps, both set in England. One is set in Westmorland, and the other is in Camborn. In Westmorland, the struggle against the Chimera continues among the snowy hills of northern Great Britain. This map is very open and because of the dominance of Chimeran architecture feels different than just about all of the maps we released with the packaged game. In Camborn, once again the British Resistance battles the Chimera. What's cool about this map is that it's got both above-ground and subterranean combat. This creates a very different feel especially during team-based games. All multiplayer game types are available on both maps, and you must own Resistance: Fall of Man to play them.

IGN: Are they just multiplayer extensions of single-player levels we've already seen or are they entirely new areas designed specifically for online?

Price: These are entirely new areas constructed exclusively for multiplayer.

IGN: Rumor has it that there's a storyline that centers on these new maps as well. Since these are multiplayer maps, how will that story be told, or are these additions for the offline game as well?

Price: The story is told as an extension of the backstory presented on the Resistance: Fall of Man website. We went to great lengths to flesh out the Resistance: Fall of Man universe beyond the in-game experience, and we're continuing to do that as we move forward with building the franchise. We will share the additional storyline details as we get closer to the maps' actual May release.


IGN: There will be a major server change in May to go along with the map pack. It goes global. How will this change latency and match-making, and are you going to have regional leaderboards, competitions, etc?

Ellis: Since the beginning of development on Resistance: Fall of Man, we were constantly running international demos. In fact, during European and Japanese events last year, we were running 40 player games off of US servers with no lag. Because of that, we are confident that this game will play well for international games. That said, we will be giving players the option of restricting to play only with players from their home territory. We have an interesting design for this that we think will encourage people to be open to international play, because in the end, everyone benefits from having more potential opponents and friends in an online community. Leaderboards on will be filterable by region, and each territory will retain the ability to make announcements and hold events that are targeted to their players.
So wait this is just multiplayer stuff :(

Oh man I wanted some new single player content where I would learn more about the story to Resistance: Fall of Man.
Any potential sequel to Resistance: Fall of Man is a few years off, so Insomniac Games has prepared to keep players fragging online via content patches scheduled for the first half of 2007. Whether anything comes after that probably depends on the success of the first two. Additional game modes -- Team Conversion and Assault -- become available in the first update, which arrives on March 23rd, the day PlayStation 3 launches in Europe.

Team Conversion is exactly as described, taking the existing Conversion game type and splitting players into competing factions. Everyone starts as a human, but make your shots count; once you're dead, it's game over. Assault has opposing sides tearing down each other's base defenses before "assaulting" (lol) their base for the win.

Other tweaks include a controllable spectator camera, tweaked matchmaking and the previous radar will become an custom game option.
chriskzoo said:



Screenshots of the two new maps
Too bad I'm trading in my PS3 soon :csad:
I'm sorry, but if I already have a more suitable system (360), then why bother keeping a PS3 that will eventually have lost its 3rd party exclusives? :huh:

Besides, I got it for Christmas, so it's all profit for me :up:

And PLEASE don't try and start something with me...
Third party exclusives are not going to be that common anymore. It's the first party exclusives that will be what make systems worthwhile, so if I were you, I'd hang on to my PS3 until there's a better scope of what kind of games will be availible. This summer and fall will see some truly great exclusives coming out, so I certainly wouldn't want to be kicking myself in the pants when they come out and I'd just gotten rid of my means to play them.

PS3 is not getting any less valueable anytime soon. Unless you really need that money ASAP, then hang onto it a few more months before passing it up.
I hope we get an add on to the single player as well, I really want to know what the hell the Chimera are! I have a pretty good theory though.

Hey Batmatt I am so sorry I keep missing you when we are about to play games. :( I appoligize.
I hope we get an add on to the single player as well, I really want to know what the hell the Chimera are! I have a pretty good theory though.

Hey Batmatt I am so sorry I keep missing you when we are about to play games. :( I appoligize.

No problems, it'll happen eventually
Cant wait to download the new stuff, i love resis and i love insomniac, cant wait for ratchet and clank.

Ps3 could use a Jak game..
No problems, it'll happen eventually

lol I think we need to plan a day two weeks before so we get it right lol. :D

Maybe this weekend we could get a game going?

And if anyone else on here feel free to join the more the better. :D
so..uh...what ever happened to this?
So i'm still waiting for these damn maps! :cmad:

Anybody want to play a game sometime?

My PSN: Resistance61513

Just send me a pm and well do a game. :)

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