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Oct 21, 2003
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Does anyone have detailed pics of Rogue's X-Suit. The walking poster does not clearly show the design of the lower part of her suit. I wish more of the promotional pictures were available. I bet there would be some full body shots of her with the X-Suit. I recently have seen the X-Men 2 DVD Ads in X-men Comics which show the promotional picture of Jeans body posing with Storm's head on the body. It makes it look as if storm is wearing Jeans suit from the movie, rather than her own. I actually liked the look for Storm.
Back to the reason for the request, any better detailed pics of Rogue's costume from X2?
Well, sadly, there are only one or two good pics of her in her uniform, but they still don't show too much,..

Someone can probably find them before I do, but I'll try and see what I can dig up..

The bottom half of her costume is pretty basic. The only big difference between her and Storm, for example, is that Rogue has boots that come up below her knees, horizontal padding on her shoulders and a segmentation line below her belt.
^Thats gonna be the best mental picture for you, because I've had no luck so far with the pics I thought I had somewhere,.. :(

Yeah, her uniform was pretty basic, but still stood out among the rest..

Thanks anyway Pejo, we will probably just have to wait for X3 for good pictures of the whole thing . : )
ehhhh,...It's a free country..

...or so the children say... :p

Silly children...

^ With a pencil. DUH!


Nah, I sketched it out in pencil, scanned it into Photoshop and colored it. You want to learn how to color pics using Photoshop now, I assume. :rolleyes: :p ;)
Yep. That's a pretty accurate portrayal of Rogue's uniform in X2, though you should make her green belt buckle stand out more and wow...she looks way too buff, unless she absorbed Logan's/ Colossus' body mass. :D
Hey, it doesnt have to look exactly like Anna Paquin!..

In that drawing, she actually fits the uniform like the powerful little mutant she is... :p

Just got back online and saw the drawing.Very good job.

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