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Romancing the Stone remake


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Sep 1, 2000
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Fox is Remaking Romancing the Stone
Source: The Hollywood Reporter December 4, 2008

Fox is bringing Romancing the Stone to the big screen again, swinging into development a remake of the 1984 adventure movie and hiring Daniel McDermott (Eagle Eye) to write it, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The original movie helped launch Robert Zemeckis as a director, turned Michael Douglas and Danny DeVito into film stars and established Kathleen Turner as a romantic lead.

Written by Diane Thomas, "Romancing" told the story of a repressed romance novelist who travels to Colombia to find her missing sister only to meet up with an American soldier of fortune. The two embark on a cross-country adventure involving a map, a jewel and a private police force.
This is a weird one, it's not like it has huge marquee value to make a remake worthwhile.
Sweet Jesus. It never ends.

We used to have this on VHS along with The Jewel of the Nile. Obviously the first was better, but I'm not sure if it warrants a remake... not that that makes any difference these days.

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