Scientists found guilty of not predicting an earthquake

I complain about a lot of the anti-intellectual/anti-science crap that happens here in the states, but at least that kind of stuff isn't happening here. That's utterly insane.
Looks like every other country will be getting an influx of Italian scientists in the near future.
It actually went to court? Yeesh.

I can see those wanting to jail them "But they are men of science! SCIENCE I TELL YOU! They withhold valuable science from the people and people died! FROM LACK OF SCIENCE! If they can't science the earthquakes they they must PAY!"

But seriously this is re-donk-ulous.
There should be a lot of meteorologists in jail.
"Now let's burn down the observatory so this never happens again!"
Look them up and throw away the key. :argh:
This is the kind of thing that pisses me off. People treating geologists like S*** at thinking that just because they study the earth, they can predict every single thing that happens. This can't be farther from the truth, and it's extremely unfair to think this of Geologists. They cannot be held responsible for when the earth decides to throw a curve ball at us. "Humanity exists by geological consent, subject to change without notice." Stupid stupid stupid, That town needs to experience another earthquake to get it in their heads that nothing geological can be predicted with 100% accuracy, especially earthquakes. We can hardly predict the weather let alone if a volcano that's huffing and puffing decides to suddenly shatter it's entire edifice and destroy a civilization, or if a fault decides to let loose and kill 300 people. It's the highest form of stupidity that I can think of on this earth. It's common freaking sense, and 90% of people lack it when it comes to geology.
Seriously, if this is how the Italian criminal justice system works, then the Amanda Knox case suddenly makes a lot more sense.
Words I have not to describe how stupid this was...

Can only hope they get the conviction overturned on an appeal. Did no one tell the judges that earthquakes by their very nature are pretty much unpredictable?

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