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The Flash Season 9x01: Wednesday Ever After


Oh boy yeah
Mar 10, 2015
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SEASON PREMIERE – Barry creates a map book to guide him and Iris throughout their future in order to keep her safe, but the results are not what he expected, and instead, they relive the same day over and over again. Joe has a heart-to-heart with Cecile. A new big bad is introduced to Team Flash, and friends and foes, old and new, begin to descend upon Central City
Alright premiere but the premise got old fast, although I usually like groundhog day type stuff. Kind of liked the new Boomerang even though he wasn't given much to do.

Some decent set up for the final 12 episodes though with the new Caitlin and Red Death coming.

I'm sure Joe will still be in enough of these final episodes (I'm sure they said just how many but I forgot) but I'll be glad to see less Cecile.

Yeah, decent start to the season and we'll see where it goes
Maybe because its been 7 months...I thought it was a decent episode where I wasnt rolling my eyes for majority of it.

Was it premiere worthy? No. But having Barry shirtless half the episode definitely helped.

ANOTHER new Caitlin but this time with blue highlights....here we go. Whenever it comes to Caitlin I just flashback to Angel and how they turned Fred into Illyria and how heartbreaking and epic it was and how I wish this show could've done even half of that for Caitlin so lets see what this new one brings.

Still not sure why they want Iris to get pregnant at the very end of the series. She should just be pregnant now and get it started and have the arrival of Nora for the final scene of the finale.

Having a blurry speedster with glowing eyes, stick to what you know I guess.

I wonder if we'll meet Ted Kord or we'll just continue the tradition of hearing about his awesome company that gets broken into 10 years later.
“Let’s do this, for the last time”
A little on the nose but I liked it lol. I thought this was a pretty good season premiere and got a little emotional knowing that is would be the last one.

They’ve done the groundhogs day type episode before so they weren’t breaking new ground but I thought it fit what I suppose is the theme of the season which is choosing your own fate so I thought they handled this one pretty good and made it interesting. The new Captain Boomerang was a cool antagonist for the episode and glad the writers didn’t kill him off.

I love the fact that after 9 years we are finally getting the Rogues as a group against Team Flash but better late than never. Loved all of the West-Allen scenes we got with them pretty much being separated in different storylines for the past three seasons and very happy we will see them more as a unit. Happy Barry is going to be director of Central City PD CSI.

Allegra and Chester finally kissing was nice and glad we got a payoff of that. Overall happy that the show is back even for the final time and I am hoping that it ends on an high note.
This will probably sound like a broken record after so many seasons but the Iris character and actress in general really drag down the episodes. I don't feel like her and Bary are actually in love and she comes off the same-way MJ did in spider-man 2 where you just wanna tell Bary “look mate you can do better”.

the rest of the episode was fine and more of the same but for a short season they better kick it into gear quick and not have alot of filler episodes.
Groundhog day episode meh, ideally not the strongest way to start a season premiere especially this being the last season of the series. I've seen much better episodes from The Flash in the past.

That being said, I found a few enjoyable moments sprinkled throughout the episode that made it at least watchable.

I liked Captain Boomerang looked like his comic book counterpart, although this very seems to be taking it a bit more cocky than the previous version from Arrow.

Iris came off a bit more cantankerous than usual. I did like her first reaction to being stuck in a time loop..."damnit Barry what did you do." The montage of being stuck in the loop was amusing especially the moment when Barry loses it and naturally is angry he's screaming into his pillow."

Overall the episode wasn't the strongest start imo let's see what else is in store for the final 14 remaining episodes....
I agree that it was not a good way to start off with a Groundhog Day time loop episode. I was more interested in Danielle Panabaker's new character.
I know, "It's just a show, I should really just relax." Now that that's out of the way...

The sun rises very early in Central City on February 1st.

I wonder how many residents of those tall buildings across the street watch the Barry and Iris show through those open bedroom curtains.

After all that Central City has been through over the years, apparent impending death by nuclear fireball produces momentary puzzlement instead of mass panic and countless traffic accidents.

The writers realized the movie "Groundhog Day" was released before most of the characters (and most of the audience?) were born, and so they got one of the older characters to explain the reference.
I'm more curious how and when in the multiverse did Barry learn how to phase a nuclear explosion of all things.
The cast must hate those scenes where Flash departs at speed. ("Air cannon in 3, 2, 1...")
Iris stuck in the time loop had her like
I'm more curious how and when in the multiverse did Barry learn how to phase a nuclear explosion of all things.

Prior to Eric Wallace becoming the showrunner. I'd have said that Barry learned how to use his speed to transmute his phasing abilities while from Harrison Wells aka Thrawn. Now I'd say it's part of his upgrade from his mother vessel of the Speed Force.

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