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Seven Soldiers

Purple Man

Jan 27, 2005
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I just wanted to make this thread to show some love to the ground breaking Seven Soldiers series. Or series of mini series, or whatever you wanna call it.

Who is your favorite Soldier?

Which Soldier do you think will die?

I'd probably say Frankenstein is my favorite with Bulleteer as a close second, and Bulleteer as the one that is going to bite the bullet.

Also, anyone else notice that Uglyhead in the first issue of Frankenstein could see the thought balloons. Kind of fourth wall breaking if you ask me. It's not like he was reading their minds, he exactly mentions that he can see comic book thought bubbles.
I think there have been other threads out there having to do with Seven Soldiers but they're lost somewhere.

Doesn't seem like too many people are into this because of the size of the story.

Their loss, right?

Because this has been a hidden gem amongst the large amount of books that I get.

My favorites have been The Manhattan Guardian, Klarion The Witch Boy, and Frankenstein.

I loved Frankenstein's miniseries and how all of the stories really connected with one another, but at the same time kept it's own story. Brilliant writing.

I'm impatiently still awaiting Seven Soldiers # 1 to get to the conclusion of this massive story I've spent an entire year reading.
I'm going to buy trades but actually waiting for it all to be over till I buy them.

So i can read in one big session.
Thats a good idea. But by buying it issue by issue I already have the entire story and can reread it any time....only thing I'm missing is the last bookend # 1 issue...which will be out on the stands shortly.
Yeah, I just considered it like Justice; a story that I would rather read at my own pace in a trade and one i'm definatly not going to regrette buying in a trade.
I'm reading it in trade... I already read the 2 trades that are out and am waiting for the third. Shining Knight is my favorite, but they're all really good.
Yeah, I've been reading Seven Soldiers, it's one hell of a ride. My faves were probably Zatanna, Bulleteer, Manhattan Guardian and Shining Knight. Frankenstein started off great, but kind of lost me at the end. Same with Klarion and Mr. Miracle.
I wish I had read but now I dont want to jump in the middle. How do yopu think they'll do the TPB. Volumize the whole series as it came out, or put together each of the seperate heroes stories into trades?
They already have collected 2 volumes. They are being collected in the order Grant Morrison wants people to read them - the order they were released.
Nobody has any guesses on the Soldier to die?

I would think that Seven Soldiers #1 would come out sooner, but DC has it listed to come out in June.
They pushed it back to June now? Meh. It was supposed to have been out in April. :(

It's actually pretty tough to tell which of the seven will die in the last issue. I'd have to say either Frankenstein is gonna die or Klarion the Witch Boy. :o
Oh it has to be Mr. Miracle...cause there already are like two already. It'll be like cleaning house
bulleteer is my personal favourite.

The sheer imagination that morrison packs into each issue is amazing.
The Soldier that's gonna die? I'm betting on either Mr. Miracle or Klarion.
Doesn't this series take place before Infinite Crisis? If so, then Klarion is in IC so he can't be the one that dies.
Yeah, Mr. Maricle was in there. So was The Gaurdian. Shinging Knight, she was in it. The only one I don't recall seeing was Franinstein.
I recall seeing Frankenstein in #7. Could be wrong.
hopefully I can get some trades before issue 1 comes out
You might as well wait for the next Trade that wraps everything up then. It will include Seven Soldiers #1. (Which I must remind you is not the start of a new series but just the last issue that ties everything together.)
Anubis said:
You might as well wait for the next Trade that wraps everything up then. It will include Seven Soldiers #1. (Which I must remind you is not the start of a new series but just the last issue that ties everything together.)
so there's going to be 3 TPBs ?
I just saw him in IC 7. I'll check again in 52

EDIT: Metropolis Memorial under John Stewart's right arm and right next to Mister Miracle

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