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SHH! Fantasy Baseball????


Side-Kick my Ass!
Jul 28, 2005
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What say you?

League started, info in link below:


And, yes, I am somewhat addicted to fantasy leagues. :o

14 Teams!!

Joined so far:
Badger - BS Badgers
sinewave - The Blood Farts
El Asesino - Butterflies
danielisthor - Florida ThunderGods
Dark Donnie - Dark Donnie
Byrd Man - Bad News Byrds
Darren Daring - BrodieBears
Spidey-Bat - Spidey-Bat
fu mancu - FU MANCHUS
Excel - Blacknasty Mofos
KALEL114 - Gotham Knights
The Dude - Brew City Suds
E. Nygma - Michael Jack Schmidt
Fran - Frantasia

Sign-ups Closed
i'm game for one more. auto draft would be better but i could swing either.
I'd go for it. Not sure on the draft, the fantasy football draft wore me out. :csad:
More than likely will be auto, live baseball drafts can be epic in length. Just want to get a feel.
Spidey-Bat was doing one, not sure if it's open anymore.
I'll pass. Any fantasy sport outside of football involves too much work.
I would join your league, either Live or Auto. I prefer Live.
I'm kidding if you want in, you are welcome to do so. Delete on of your other teams, I know you know how to do that. :)
This is seperate from Spidey's League right?
I'd be interested, even though i'm in Spidey's also.
Well Spidey if you have one already, I'll take this one.

I'll post details in a bit.
Another question:




Also, I will probably go with a live draft. If you can't make it or don't won't to, just set your draft order. I will also, take suggestions for draft dates.
Id def play though I am not as good as I used to be; I aint won anything since 2004

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