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Should i give it back?


Dec 8, 2005
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I sold a book earlier this month on a book selling site, and turns out they deposited the total twice. Instead of a single deposit of 66 bucks, they made two deposits of 66 bucks for a total of 132.

I'm thinking about keeping it..but I don't want them coming back later saying we made a mistake..blah,blah, blah. I'm not really afraid of that but whatever, they should've been careful.

what do you think?
well if you are honest then yes...
i'd return it, i wouldnt want it to come back on me

and out of curiousity, what book was it to be worth 66 bucks
give it back....karma's a b*tch
Do what you feel is right.

Personally, I'd keep it. . .only if I really needed it:o
I'd say return it unless you REALLY need the cash, if they came back you could get screwed!
I doubt that I'll get screwed, i can always give it back to them. I'll give it to them back, i hope i get a reward.
There may not be a god, but there is most definetely Karma. Return that sh** stat!
I doubt that I'll get screwed, i can always give it back to them. I'll give it to them back, i hope i get a reward.

Your reward will be like that article that was posted on the Hype a while back, where some guy found a check for like $6000 and gave it back and was given $50 or something.
somethings like this are a real pain, a co worker of mine found a £100 note during the clean up of the shop after closing, he handed it in and waited two weeks to see if anyone claimed it, most of us thought that once the two weeks were up it was his if no one comes forward, he even decided to use it as money for a staff night out.

so after two weeks no one has said they lost it and my manager goes to give the money to him but checks with head off to keep every right, and it turns out that anything found in the shop by staff is property of the shop no matter what happens, be it money or actual objects.

it makes you think about really why should we be honest some times

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