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Should insurance company held legally responsible for teenager's death?

Wow, this is a tough call to make.
No... the DOCTOR who made the decision to allow her to die because of potential payment issues killed her. ONLY that Doctor killed her. Cigna ARE evil pricks... but those parents need to sue that Doctor.

Although I would answer yes to the poll question because it stipulates legally.
tough call.....sue the hospital and insurrance company.

Cigna is evil. not financing a dying teen's surgery JUST because they couldn't pay enough....JAIL the bastards :cmad:
Man... I've re-read that article twice.

People need to be publically hung and burned for this.
From the article: Cigna refused to pay on the grounds that her healthcare plan "does not cover experimental, investigational and unproven services".

What a crock of ****. Organ transplants have proven their merit several times over
If that family had sold their house and all their belongings they easily could come up with the down payment and paid for the rest of the surgery.
But could they sell their house in time? :huh:
But why does have a family have to sell everything, when they have goddamned inusurance?!
Our healthcare system is seriously f**ked up. :down

I think the family would have better luck with a civil suit than pursuing criminal charges. Regardless, I hope they win. This just shows how awful some insurance companies can be.
I thought hospitals were legally required to eat the cost for life saving surgeries if the insurance will not cover it? :huh:
I think that's only if you're dying at that very moment.

i think that's right.

still, though, it's no secret that insurance companies are pure, unfiltered evil; and i hope that this incident, terrible as it may be, can bring that fact to the general public's attention, so we can do something to change it.
Wow.....I am glad I don't have to deal with insurance companies....
soon enough they will find a way to get to you.
CIGNA sure dodged a bullet on this one. Thank god she's dead!
Insurance companies love to screw people over, royally.
I'd say yes, it will show the pepole who did this the consequence!
What's really sad is this is a situation that has been brought to light before. I'm sure more than a few of you saw the movie John Q in which the insurance company was willing to let the boy die, rather than pay for the life saving procedure. I was sure, when I watched it, that this could happen, but I am absolutly floor that did happen. One thing that has always bothered me about insurance companies is that you can pay and pay and pay, even going so far as to pay them enough money to cover the procedure you need, and they can still deny you. They have way too much power, and we are letting them get away with it.

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