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Sequels Should the Sequel Take place at ESU?

Dr Tactics

Ill Brova
Aug 1, 2000
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With all the casting talk with Harry I was wondering should Harry meet Peter while both are in college or have a Harry got kicked out of Private school situation so he has to got to Midtown in the ASM sequel. I vote ESU but I'm interested in others opinions
Well, of course, it depends on what they'll do. It's said that the movie will take place a few months after the first movie. That could be college then.
That would be fine but if I recall correctly, one of the powers that be over Sony's Spider-Man movies mentioned that they regretted not devoting enough time to Peter's high school expirience in the previous franchise and wanted to explore it more in this new one.
I would prefer moving on from HS in the sequel, but if the movie is good, I could care less where it took place. lol
The next film should primarily take place in high school, but should carry the theme of him moving on, and applying for colleges.
I'd be cool with them still spending ASM2 at Midtown and then ASM3 they can finally end up at Empire. Maybe Connors doesn't need to be in ASM2 but can still be Professor Connors at College in ASM3. Eddie Brock as an intern too perhaps if they wish to go that route? We don't need to see Venom though.
I want him to see Peter in High school a little but more. Might be hard though, seeing how their seniors already and I'm not sure exactly what time of year asm took place...and if the asm2 is a few months afterwards, when would that put them as far as senior year? If like to think asm was showing them at beginning of senior year. And then asm2 would be like the last semister of senior year or something. I dunno. I just wanna see him a little more in high school for some reason.
Well I think the film will take place in high school I do like seeing Peters hs life and having flash around in asm was cool and I hope we see more of that I wouldn't mind if we see Peter and gwen interning At esu or something like what the spectacular spiderman did

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