Sequels Should they bring in Havok to replace Cyke?


Feb 11, 2003
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Now I know we didn`t see cyclops die. But Fox hates cyclops with a passion and I can`t see them doing X4: The Search For Cyclops.

With cyclops dead who can lead the team.

Fox would want Wolvie but wolvie is too much of a loose cannon to be the leader. He just would jump in without thinking. I mean he did that in every x-men movie so far. X1 he attacks a guy with magnetic powers even though he has metal bones. Good plan. X2 he was going to go down the tunnel and break into the base alone, except how would he manage that when it is a thick reinforced door. As Mags said, What was he gonna do scratch it with his claws? X3 he attacks magneto again and gets thrown into a tree. Wasn`t he paying attention in the first movie? I kid. Wolvie isn`t an idiot he`s an animal and thereby he doesn`t take a step back and plan things out. Which makes him a poor leader really.

Who else is there?

Prof. X is dead too.

Iceman, Collosus, nightcrawler etc etc. None of these guys has shown much in the way of leadership. Though its difficult totell from 3 or 4 lnes of

Storm. The popular choice but to me its a shaky one. I mean in X3 she should have been leader but wolvie was instead. I mean cyke and prof x were dead and she had been at xaviers longer so surely storm should have been leader. So far they simply haven`t shown her as being much of a leader. Hell they haven`t shown her as being that much of a character If they can come up with some solid character stuff for X4 then maybe i`ll change my mind but for now all i can see is that immediatly anything bad goes down fox would have wolvie lead the team in the final battle.

So my point is should they...

Bring in Havok to replace Cyclops?

I mean...
  1. Firstly Havok has been shown to have some leadership skills but he is less boy scouty than Cyke and as such would not come across to the audience as being dull.
  2. He has more dramatic and more useful powers. Cyke`s powers were simply too restrictive for narrow-minded hollywood types to be able to use in fights. Cyke had cool power it was just fox were so stupid they didn`t know how to use them. Havok`s powers are more easily useable. I mean with cyke you would have to have fights with him aiming optic blasts at the villains which i spose wasn`t cool enough for fox. Havok on the other hand can either just fire the energy randomly out of his body or aim it and fire it from his arms, it makes it more conventional and useable for the idiots at fox.
  3. havok has a bit more of a bad boy image. He wears black all day. He is more prone to fights. He is cyke plus edgyness.
  4. He isn`t after wolvie`s love interest. I mean lets be clear thats what doomed cyke in the end. I doubt wolvie will be goin` for polaris so everything should be cool.
  5. Havok has uncovered eyes. Doesn`t matter too much but being able to see a person`s eyes does help a lil with emotions and such. Only a minor point though.
  6. It is prob as close as we will get to having cyke back. And I guess having any summers brother as the leader is better than wolvie being all out of character and touchy-feely and

For those reasons i think they should bring in Havok as replacement leader in cyclops` place.
HAvok should look just like cyclops in the same way that the unconcious man looks just like professor xavier
I Think they should, but they should somehow (idk) bring Cyke back
i have a great way to bring back Cyk AND add Havok, i just wont tell..........MWAHAHAHAHAHA, stay tuned peeps im working on it
Bring Cyclops back . I won't except any other options as feasible
I was thinking they could pull a Deadly Genesis...not retcon anything...but I mean have Moira have a secret team of students Including Havok and Vulcan...they could search for Cyclops, since he didn't die onscreen just have the villain find Cyclops...

Hey...I like the Summers Bros...all 3 of em...
I'd like to see Havok one day, but now it's too soon, and Scott still needs his moment to shine.
mini spoiler

they will shine together in my movie!

oooooo thats all you get lol, back to writing
i like the idea of having Havok in a movie but not to repleace cyclops id like to see them onscreen together.
and with havok you could introduce polaris.
but then it would just become a film about "mutants finding their long lost family members"
havok - cyclops and
polaris - magneto that if magneto would be in a sequel (i dont want the brotherhood in a sequel).
it was already confirmed that cyclops died. the only reason you didnt' see it was because ratner felt it would be bad to show what jean could do because it woudln't really leave anything to the imagination when it came time for xavier to die. saying he didnt' die would seem like such a weak ploy, xavier would have known if he was dead or not, there was no secret plan. honestly everybody is saying how cyclops needs his time to shine...what more could they do with the character? he was funny, sarcastic, used, had fight time, had a love interest, and had emotion. not saying theres nothing else they could do but he is dead, that's it. move on to new characters who havent' had the time to make much of an impact (angel and colossus)
Yes, Cyclops is dead. Fox weren't that keen on the character, and Marsden gave the character the final kiss of death when he moved on to Superman Returns. But even if he'd stayed, I doubt Cyclops would suddenly be centre-stage, as he wasn't in X2. The movies took the route they took for a variety of reasons. We all have our ideas about how it could be perfect or much better. Team movies are hard to do, they need a focus. Some characters get shoved aside.
No. Havok can be a new character, but he should not replace Cyke. I don't want another X-Film unless Scott is brought back.[/stubborn]
No. Havok can be a new character, but he should not replace Cyke. I don't want another X-Film unless Scott is brought back.[/stubborn]

It's possible to bring Cyclops back, either in a prequel young X-Men movie about the early days of the team, or in an X4. But it would be tricky in an X4 and we might get universal groans of 'Dallas dream' syndrome.

I want more X-movies as much as anyone, if not more. I even wrote an X4 (which had Gambit in it) only to learn they are putting Gambit in the Wolverine movie. :cmad:

So, God knows what's the best option, the workable option, the likely option...

It seems most people on here want an X4 only to undo what happened to characters in X3.

Would people be happier if, at the end of X3, Jean had embraced Scott and destroyed them both in a Phoenix firebird energy blast? Scott would still be dead. Would people rather Scott had survived at the end of X3 and been left alone, which seems a repeat of the end of X2?
I think people would have been happier if he had a scene that had an impact on the plot other than, "I think Jean killed Scott... that's impossible... moving on."
I think people would have been happier if he had a scene that had an impact on the plot other than, "I think Jean killed Scott... that's impossible... moving on."

I think many would still have perceived his death to be merely a ploy to give more screentime to Wolverine and allow the Wolverine/Jean chemistry to flourish.

However, the manner of his death was not the best. Attempting to make it mysterious, so as not to ruin the fight scene with Xavier later when we saw exactly how Phoenix could dispose of people, only made it look like Cyclops' death was dispensed with perfunctorily. But I don't think that was the intention. It was more to create some mystery and suspense over what Phoenix was capable of doing.
Right, but I don’t think the manner in which Ratner shot the scene is the real problem. The problem is that people just don’t buy it. It doesn’t sit well—even within the movie-verse.
I want to see Havok in an X-Men film but he's no replacement for Cyke. They're not even that similar.
Cyclops death was lame. People just forgot all about it and didnt even go back to look for a body. They didnt even know Jean could vaporise people at the time so youd think they would at least try and find a body.. or be sad at all the hed died... or even aknowledge it other than in a few throwaay lines. Cyclops is the X-Men leader, and it was a double blow as it made Wolverine have to take on more responsibility and leading the teenagers, which just made him seem like more of a sissy.

If i was to bring him back id start the film with something like the "Underneath" Episode from Season 5 of Angel. Start the film in a typical Suburban setting, Scott at home with his loving wife Maddie enjoying life, completely oblivious of his X-Men life. All sinisters doing of course, looking out and keeping an eye on Scott, as he always does, and using him for some grand scheme.

(+id get Missy Peregrym to play Maddie.. as shes smokin)
They could totally bring in Havok, but not as team leader; we would need to see him in action for a while before he could be leader of anything. Polaris could come along too. Plus, it would be easy to bring back Cyclops.

I always thought Paul Walker could play Havok. Alex is from Hawaii, he was a big time surfer on X-Men Evolution, and Walker kind of has that surfer-dude voice.
I could def see Paul Walker as Havok.

But doesn't the natural feeling of team leadership either go to Storm, or even Bobby if it really has to?
bring in havok on the side of the brotherhood(or whoever the antagonist group is)....i think replacment x:men should be surge! she cant control her powers just like scott, except they are generated through her hands and not her eyes.

prof X made her special gloves to let her control the release of her energy beams....and her power build up is so strong that the electricty usually glows all around her.
Honestly at this point, does it matter? They could bring Cyclops back as a girl for all I care. FOX messed up the X-men anyway. All it's about now is milking the franchise.
it's as you said Đeadpool there was no body to claim him dead. the best way i see it is that jean some how for a short moment off screen woke up and threw him into the lake to save him.

and be sides even the actor james marsden said that he wasn't that worried cause he wasn't dead in his view and they can always bring him back.

TALKING TO JEAN AND SCOTT:Famke Janssen and James Marsden.

and seeing how the phoenix acted there . it wouldn't be out of place for it not to have noticed that and went on destroying every thing else. and he was found down stream some where later in x4 or what ever their planing in the wolverine movie for cyclops to show up in . As for Havok yes bring in in by al means but not as a replacement.

From eTalk Daily

All x3 was is a set up to the possible X 4 as how the actor talked in this last interview in etalk in the last link be for the "from etalk ." and yes they mentioned the Spin offs as well befor they were announced. they set it up that way they just want fan's to push/ask for more but you have to want more. it was never really ment to be the end. I wish certain people(the say no more films) would Realize that.

there was way too much focus on one character and for a movie that's about an organization of heroes. that's not a good thing they should have Spread it out so we got to see some Spot light and character development on the other character's on that team.

most of the actors say they'll do another one, but only if they get (and they really want want this) and a better Script. so I think they want the same thing to satisfy the fans. one thing's for certain now that wolverine has his own movie franchise going they shouldn't make him hog any more. it's time we learn about the others the movies called X-Men and yet it feels like wolverine movies and the people who Spectators called the X-Men.

Here's the best example of this in this video. please watch the whole thing in full. it's not long any way.

any way, it was best Explained by those guys there in the X 2 Reviews in here.

a lot of people weren't happy about that . they have to fix that by the next sequel or don't bother until some one comes up with a better remake or do it all over completely . I'm afraid.

All X 3 did was do the same as the others be for that movie.

they have to revise this system they have for the movies.

and make it to focus on others with each movie. like have one about storm and the next one about another character after that. if they are going to do more. as they
should have done from the get go.l

so don't make wolverine hog or at least cut him out other next three movies sorry to say that. but if that's the only way, it should be done. We should be satisfied by seeing him(wolverine) in his own movies now. and get these guys(writers) doing the main X-Men movies to actually study the other characters. and if we can't get he guys that actually write the comics to ala frank miller. any one other then Zack penn.

fallow the comics the X-universe the marvel universe for that matter doesn't not revolve around wolverine.

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