The Amazing Spider-Man Show Your Spidey Love!

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May 27, 2001
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Go see the movie again!
i can´t :csad: but i´ll buy it on Bluray
I'd watch it one more time. Who wants to be my date? I usually hate 3D but I'd hate to say I missed it if its awesome. Is this one worth seeing in 3D?
I've seen it in theaters 5 times. Now I'm waiting for the blu ray.
I have TONS of Spidey love... but methinks the next time I see this movie, it'll be an edited version on PeachTreeTV... :o

I'm so excited to get this on blu ray... gonna watch it until my playstation 3 burns out.

I'm going to keep looking out for easter eggs and foreshadowing of future events.
Ordered the 4 disc blu ray with figurines. Found out later 3D blu ray needs a 3D tv.
Aw well, only getting it for the figurines anyway.
I've always found myself bouncing in and out of fandoms. I'm an on again off again Sonic fan, now a Zelda fan, casual Mario fan, but the only thing I've always been a fan of, as far back as I can remember, was Spider-Man. I woke up Saturday morning, and watched the animated series, and played Enter Electro to death on my PS1, and loved going over to my friend's house to play the first one.

Here's to better Spidey games, movies, cartoons, and comics!
I've seen it three times. You want Spidey love? I have a friend who's seen it 12 times in theatres :funny: That's dedication.

EDIT: Also, DACMAN, it feels like I haven't seen your username in forever :yay:
I'll watch it many times when it comes in Blu-Ray!
I'd love to go see it again! But I'm not one of those people who enjoy going to the movies by themselves. Spidey is indeed my most favorite superhero. Blu-Ray pick definitely, but I won't see it in theaters again unless someone asks me to.
I'm going to be sitting in my dorm room with a large hd television and my spider-man blu ray. :D
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