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"Sidekicks" starring Ernie Reyes Jr


Aug 29, 2005
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My Dad recorded this show for my older brother and I remember as a little kid randomly finding them when I got older and watched whatever episodes were made. Hard to imagine Ernie is like 35 now.
The gang leader looks like Don Cheadle.

Ah, I love the gunless, multiracial street gangs. The greatest legacy of The Warriors and the 1970s/early 80s.
would a remake of this series work?
My God.
Ernie kicked ass even when he was a little kid.
This guy is awsome.
One of my favorites back in the day:woot:
And, a remake or update of the series could work with Reyes jr. as the same character, now an adult FBI agent and martial-arts instructor with wife and kids who help him out on his cases while dealing with domestic life.
Would someone PLEASE put Ernie Reyes Jr. in a leading role in a major motion picture?!?!?!?!
of course!

ernie has never really had his big role so to speak

other than the Rundown, The Last dragon and TMNT 2, he hasn't been picked for any major roles.

bit of a shame really, he is a great actor and martial artist.
Would someone PLEASE put Ernie Reyes Jr. in a leading role in a major motion picture?!?!?!?!

its been awhile but..........

I'm suprised he didn't become a bigger star today....he looked ripped in the rundown. Have him do a movie with Jet Li or something
I thought you meant the movie 'Sidekicks' with Chuck Norris and Jonathan Brandis.

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