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Silent Hill: Origins (PS2)


Go away.
Aug 29, 2005
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Anyone grab this PSP port? It was only 30 bucks and Silent Hill is one of my top five gaming series so I figured why not. Boy am I glad I did, so far it's an excellent game that brings back the feeling of the first game.

It's impossible to not recomend this game to anyone who's a fan of the series.:applaud
I'm waiting for the ps2 port. The thing that really bothered me is that Team Silent didn't produce this game.
jeez...with the psp not doing nearly as well as they want, they really aren't doing much to give people reasons to get a psp...all they keep doing is porting all the good psp games to ps2.
^Which is my MAIN reason for not getting a PSP....yet. I'll crack in June when GoW is a pack in with the red Kratos PSP.
I sold back Silent Hill: Origins. I thought I'd like it but I really didn't. Got Tekken instead.
It an awesome game, I didn't realise it was already on PS2.
I love it, lol. I beat it like, 4 times on the PSP. It's the only game where I'm actually happy when a door I go to open is locked. :o My first play through I was a bit neurotic with that. I would not move on until I tried to enter every single room to complete the red squigglies on my map. :heart:

Now I have the Tesla rifle, a happy face smilie flash light filter, night vision goggles and a kickass special ops costume.
I need to get all the unlockables, but I'm the same with completeing my map. Its murder otherwise.
I hate those f**king child mannequins in the theatre. :down

But now I have my Tesla rifle so, f**k 'em. :heart:

btw I went to an old theatre once and like, holy s**t, it reminded me of the one in Silent Hill and I was freeking out.
I played like the first 5 minutes on my psp. Then the battery died. Havent played it since.
I didn't like it. I couldn't get into a trucker driver being the main character in the game.

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