Sin City alternate casting Contest.

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Aug 30, 2003
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ok, imagine that none of the actors in the film existed. It's still directed by RR and FM, in the same style, but they have to find their talent elsewhere.

Post your picks for all of the leads from the first film.

I'll pick a Winner on Friday.

To make people try hard, I'll give the winner $5 bucks, via either paypal or snail mail money order.
As far as I know, that's okay to do on the forums, as I'm not selling or advertising, and have nothing to gain but personal entertainment.
I know it's not much money, but it's $5 bucks for gas, a movie rental, a fast food meal, or whatever.

I'm good for it, trust me. :up: lol

It's just something fun to do.

Post pics, cite previous roles for examples of why they'd fit, and give a valid reason for each pick.
One actor per role per entry.

Joke entries will be completely ignored.

Hopefully you guys are somewhat interested.

If not....*shrugs* :)
Marv - Ron Perlman


He's played the heavy with a heart quite a bit and could handle the prosthetics.

Hartigan - Clint Eastwood


He'ls played the veteran cop before as well being closer age to the Hartigan of the book.

Dwight - John Cusack


He can be a wiseass in roles, yet always seems to do whats right when it comes down to it.

Jackie Boy - Antonio Banderas


Worked with Rodriguez before, and can be suave yet deadly at the same time. Look at Assassins.
Goldie/Wendy - Nicole Kidman


She is a beautiful woman who can play seductive and deadly. Look at To Die For.

Roark - Harvey Keitel


Looks like a Frank Miller picture. Plays sick and sleazy really well.
apparently. the one time you actually want everyone debating over an already cast movie, and they're nowhere to be found.
otherwise, you get an endless supply of casting threads.
Miho - Chiaki Kuriyama


Even if she is a similar character to Gogo to the degree they're both quiet but deadly young girls.

It's not like Rodriguez doesn't cast Danny Trejo in similar roles every time. Atleast Miho is good while gogo is bad
BT18 said:
Miho - Chiaki Kuriyama


Even if she is a similar character to Gogo to the degree they're both quiet but deadly young girls.

It's not like Rodriguez doesn't cast Danny Trejo in similar roles every time. Atleast Miho is good while gogo is bad

cool. how bout the rest?
I can't think of an alternative, but I don't think Dwight was cast as good as many people make it out to be. His American accent is really bad, and he doesnt' look THAT much like the character.
For some reason I think Jack Nicholson should have been cast as Senator Roark, but that's just a thought I had.
This seems cooL! Nancy-twin and I have a few ideas (since basically we shared the same thoughts on the same actors)!
as stated in my original post, you need to recast all of the leads by friday to be eligible to win.

Junior Roarke
Jackie Boy

I'll judge less harshly on the less prominent leads, though.

I'll announce a winner Saturday or Sunday, instead of Friday. It ends Friday, but I want time to think about it. The prize will be mailed/paypaled on Monday.
Okay here goes.....

Nancy: Monica Keena

Not only does she have facial features like Nancy but she also can act innocent as well as sexy. If you watch Snow White A Tale of Terror, you can see how sweet and genuine her performance is. Monica can also pull of the lead herione roles in movies like Freddy vs. Jason. She's also not to afraid to show skin in a bunch of Maxim Magazine shoots.

Liev Schreiber: Jackie Boy

If you have ever seen Scream 2 you can see why he'd be a good Jackie Boy. His creepy sublte acting in that movie made you believe that he could be the killer, same with his performance in The Manchurian Candidate. Not to mention he won a Tony Award in 2005 for his role as Richard Roma in the Broadway play "Glengarry Glen Ross". With prosthetics he could pull off this character.
Gerard Butler: Dwight

Man's got a commanding presence on screen! watch Dracula 2000 and you'll see. In Tomb Raider 2 (sucky movie I know) he pulls off Bad Boy, ladykiller VERY well. But in Phantom he shows that He can fall HARD for the Ladies. Plus it helps that he also quite a looker aswell!

Ashley Scott: Gail

Looks FANTASTIC in leather as you can see, but has played Kick-ash girl before. Watch Dark Angel and you'll see. Played the Huntress in Birds of Prey showing off Gail in light. And also matches well with Butler.
Kari Wuthrer: Lucille

She can play a member of the Law Enforcement quite believably as shown in 8 Legged Freaks. And if you basically watch any of her Other movies you'll see why physically she could pull off Lucille.

Sara Foster: Goldie/Wendy

Has played The Sexy Feme Fatale in "The Big Bounce", And her Kick-ash side in DEBS. And if that photo doesn't show the perfect women to you men, then.....
Ving Rames: Manute

Ving is Bald, Black and Beutiful. Plays strong, tough VERY well as seen in the following, "Out of Sight", "Entrapment". OH AND AND PLAYED THE Intimdating Mo Fo in "Pulp Fiction" Marsellus Wallace.

Zing Zhang: Miho

Her English is all that perfect BUT whose said Miho would be talking in this film. Most of her movies show her gracefullness and skill which is a MUST for Miho. Looks are a Definent plus.
Lance Henriksen: Hartigan

Yeah we all know Clint Eastwood is Perfect for John Hartigan. But if there was a close second you'd KNOW it'd be Lance lol. No really though, in many of his movies he's just plays bad-ash all the time! And he also played a cop in quite of few too. He still can pull off the good-hearted old man aswell.

Tim Roth: Jr./Yellow B*****d

IF he were a few years younger, Tim could pull this part off FLAWLESSLY. But if Bruce Willis could play a 70 year old man then why not Tim for a young Junior? He would handle the prothestics well (see Plant of the Apes) without affecting his preformance. He has even worked with Tarenteno before. And if you watch Resvior Dogs in the Scenes where his character is bleeding to death, you can hear some Yellow B*****d in there.

Natalie Portman: Becky

OK so Natalie doesn't have the Blue eyes Becky does, but they could always give her contacts OR just add the color in later. And she is NOT a stiff actress, for a better, quirkier portral see Garden State. Even Closer shows off a more vunerable, sad side that would fit well with Becky.

Kelli Garner: Shellie

She can pull off the whole "dumb broad" thing as seen in Man of The House playing a boycrazy cheerleader. But is also a good enough actress to handle the writing she is given an example of how well she handles her characters see her portral of Faith Domergue in the Aviator and handle some more Darker material as Heather in Bully. Plus she looks like someone out of a film noir flick.
Tobey Maguire: Kevin

Okay even though his Spider-man and no one has really ever seen him play creepy, the same could be said for Elijah Wood. He looks a little bit like him and he does have all that training from Spider-man to pull off someone of Kevin's stunts.

Russel Crowe: Marv (I guess)

Our First choice is always Mickey Rouke, then Ron Pearlman. But after those two the only other choice we can think of that pulls off the attuide of Marv and sweetness is Russel Crowe. With prothetics this man could pull off being a big lug. He has been in many action movies before where we see him kick ash. But he's also showed off his sweet and tender side in A Beautiful Mind. Just look at his performance in L.A. Confidential as Bud White. Even though his character was a cop, he was a cop who was tough, violent, played by his own rules, and still had a soft spot for the ladies.
Okay, the contest is over. I'll announce a winner before the weekend is over.
Sue-Twin wins. Congrats.

Honestly, she was the only one really eligible, since she cast every character required.

I still considered the other enty, by logan weapon x, though.

Sue, good job.

Only one's I think are really off are Marv and Nancy.

Monica Keena is adorable, but she's very girl next door, and has a good, but within the realm of average sort of body.

Russell Crowe is a good actor, but he has a very stubby frame, and while you're right about him playing a convincing bruiser with a soft heart for the dames, he's more of a Dwight.

Many of your other suggestions were very good, though.

PM me with details of how to send your prize.

I'll cast my dream recasting just for the hell of it later tonight.

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