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Sep 30, 2007
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Skins revolves around the lives of a group of 16–18 year-old friends who live in Bristol. The Dawson Brothers claim the series represents the everyday lives of adolescents. The group includes a popular boy, his girlfriend, a Muslim boy, a gay character, a girl with eating disorder, an intelligent and privileged girl with family problems, and a party animal in love with his teacher. These characters attend the fictional Roundview Sixth Form College in Bristol. Each installment has a self-contained theme focusing on each different character respectively, but there are several story arcs that span different episodes.

Series 2

On the E4 Skins Website, the second series is due to begin on February 11, 2008,[8] however it is being made available in 4 installments to users of social networking site Myspace. E4 have stated however, that there will be a limit of 10,000 viewers each night. The first episode will be shown in its entirety on from 10pm to 12am on February 10. The first episode revolves around Maxxie and features comedian Bill Bailey as Maxxie's father. Episode 2 Shane Richie will star as a college drama lecturer named Bruce. It has been confimed that comedian Mark Heap will be playing Chris' absentee father at some point in the series. The gang attend the gig by the up and coming Liverpool punk ska band, We Need Leads. The series will be set six months after the conclusion of the first. Tony is alive following his collision with a bus, but he is now severely impaired: he can't write, he struggles to hold a fork and he remembers little about the world around him. The second episode will also introduce a new mysterious character known as Sketch, who has been stalking one of the gang.[9]

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Oh I have just watch the first episode of series 2 on it was really good, Maxxie ends up screwing a chav and Tony trashes his room (well sort of).

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