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    The sun shines over the KENT FARM, small twinkles of light sparkle from the windows as the suns rays hit it. The BARN sits solitary at the far end of the farm facing the beautiful FARMHOUSE that once held so many warm memories for the inhabitants is now left empty and alone.
    The same can be said about the MAN stood alone in the middle of the FIELD stretching across the many acres he once used to tend to as he grew up. CLARK KENT, stands in the middle of the field as he usually does -- strong, straight and a look of determination in his eyes.
    He turns to his home for one last time before disappearing from the spot he stood in a blue blur not stopping until--
    He walks into the CHAMBER ROOM hidden inside the caves. He circles the ALTAR sat in the middle of the room. He stops at a small SLIT in the altar. KRYPTONIAN SYMBOLS are etched all over the altar and he can read every word of it. Clark takes out an OCTAGONAL DISC from his pocket – the KEY to his home away from homes.
    He slots the key inside the slit with a moment’s hesitation, but ignoring his doubt and allowing what to come to come. A BLUE FLASH OF LIGHT flickers through the room as the disc slots into the slit.
    The light explodes through the room as Clark is transported with a LOUD BANG to--
    Clark stumbles as he is transported to the FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE – a tranquil, icy palace hidden deep within the ARCTIC, large columns of ice stick up through the ground keeping the entire fortress up level and sturdy.
    JOR-EL (V.O)
    Kal-El, you have returned.

    I have decided to complete my training. What you showed me during my travels made me realise what I can...
    ...have to do. But, I need your knowledge to help me do what I need to do.

    Clark stands waiting for his answer.

    JOR-EL (V.O)
    Very well. We shall begin.

    A blue light shoots down on Clark encircling him trapping him within it. Clark stands unafraid, more nervous than anything else.

    How long do I stay here?

    JOR-EL (V.O)
    Ten of your Earth years.

    Clark stops still shocked by this revelation. He had not expected to be gone for ten years.

    JOR-EL (V.O)
    I understand your hesitance, my son. Parting with the ones we love is a sad part of our existence but, one we must all face and one you have faced already.

    Clark nods.

    JOR-EL (V.O) (CONT’D)
    Very well. We shall begin. Witness Kal-El as you take your first steps into a much larger world.

    CLARK’S P.O.V.

    Clark looks up to the top of the blue light to see a swirling vortex of blue lights filled with Kryptonian coming towards him. The swirling vortex of blue light suddenly explodes towards him and--


    The CREDITS flash by the screen as kryptonian symbols morphing themselves into English to reveal the credits before disappearing into the vortex that CHURNS them out along with flashes of images of—

    LEX’S PORSCHE hitting Clark.

    Jonathon showing Clark the SHIP that brought him to EARTH.

    Clark ‘flying’ inside a TORNADO to LANA.

    The symbols of the CAVE WALL rotating as Clark insert the key into the wall.

    A beam of light hitting Clark.

    Clark ‘meeting’ Jor-El in the STORM CELLAR.

    The storm cellar exploding.

    Clark ripping his shirt to reveal the CREST OF THE HOUSE OF EL burnt on his chest.

    KAL-EL flying through the clouds.

    Clark stood in the arctic throwing the blue crystal.

    The Fortress emerging through the snow.

    Clark being sucked into the Phantom Zone by Zod.

    Clark fighting Brainiac.

    Clark and Zod crashing into the FOREST.

    Clark battling the many ZONERS.

    KARA hovering over Clark.

    Clark meeting LARA.

    Clark crushing the ZOR-EL’S CRYSTAL. The shards of the crystal fly in SLOW MOTION and fly towards the screen.

    Clark fighting BIZARRO, BRAINIAC and ZOR-EL.

    Clark stood in the fortress holding a crystal.

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    The giant CITY cluttered with terrifyingly high SKYSCRAPERS that stretch towards the clear BLUE SKY. One building overshadows the lot of them even, the DAILY PLANET, a thriving beacon of world news its large GLOBE rotating at the top, for all to see the same can be said for the sign sat on the overlooking building.

    LEXCORP PLAZA, stands towering over the entire city for all to see and for its CEO to look down on the METROPOLIANS like a god.

    MAN [O.S]
    Ladies and Gentlemen...


    LEX LUTHOR, CEO OF LEXCORP, once his father’s company; now it his kingdom, stands in the long BOARDROOM surrounded by STUFFY BOARDMEMBERS all sat around a long varnished table. His seat is empty as he looks out on Metropolis, uninterested in what they had to say.

    CHARLES LANGSTRUM, one of the many EXECUTIVES sat in the room stands and addresses the board members.

    As you can see from our stock reports, we our showing heavy growth in our oil markets especially in Eastern Germany and Australia. But, in terms of our Arm manufacturing we our facing some troubles.


    Lex turns. His attention caught.

    Problems, Mr Langstrum. What sort of problems?

    Langstrum looks around nervously as Lex heads to his seat and sits down. His full attention on him.

    Well, the army is having doubts about the security of our weapons. What with some of our shipments being hijacked over the passed month they’re starting to wonder if we’re a good investment.

    Seems they’re not the only one. Do you feel that our military deals are a waste of time, Mr Langstrum?

    Langstrum gulps.

    N-no, sir.

    Good because then I would think you an imbosile. Oil and power my rise and fall. But, man shall always go to war. And when they do they’ll need arms. And that is where we come in. Remember that.

    Lex stands up.

    LEX [CONT’D]
    And don’t worry about our army dealings, ladies and gentlemen. I am sure this whole... misunderstanding can be resolved. That will be all for today.

    Lex STORMS out of the board angrily. He turns to his ASSISTANT MERCY GRAVES before he leaves.

    LEX [CONT’D]
    (Under his breathe)
    Get Gazzo on the phone!


    Lex storms angrily into his office. He is not alone. He stops in his tracks as he sees LOIS LANE sat waiting for him. He regains his composure as to not show any weakness.

    Lois? How did you get past security?

    Lois smiles slyly.

    Since, when has it been hard to get passed your security Lex?

    Lex smiles hiding his frustration.

    So, what brings you here? Besides, busting my chops.

    He sits down lighting a CIGAR and blowing smoke in Lois’ face. Lois bites her lip.

    LEX [CONT’D]
    Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot you quit.

    A little bit of smoke isn’t going to make me disappear, Lex. So, can we get down to business?


    Lois, if your here under some delusion that LexCorp is laundering money to the city’s crime ring then, I’m sorry to say but, my company is completely legitimate.

    Lois chuckles politely.

    But, isn’t it true that LexCorp has lost stock from the many hijackings it has suffered in the past month and yet has not lost a profit from these hijackings.

    I make it my priority to have all LexCorp stock insured in case of such a situation should arise.

    But, then would it be safe to assume that you pay these people to attack your shipments and you get the money from the insurance plus how much they pay you.

    Lex looks fazed. He smiles taking out a file trusting it to Lois. Lois opens it.

    As you can see Lois. LexCorp did loose money during the first two hiests but, thanks to our insurance claims we recieved our money back for the other hiests.

    Lex clicks his tongue.

    LEX [CONT’D]
    Looks like you’ve hit a dead end.

    He looks up to his SECURITY GUARD stood at the door.

    LEX [CONT’D]
    Please escort Miss Lane out.

    The guard takes her by the arm. Lois pushes him away offended and walks to the door.

    You heard anything On Clark?

    No, I haven’t. He’s still on his travels. Why so interested Lex? You and Smallville weren’t on good terms when he left.

    Just worried for an old friend. Things are a little too quiet without him. I’m starting to miss his unexpected appearances and exits.

    He smiles snidely at Lois.

    LEX [CONT’D]
    You’ll tell me when he returns won’t you.

    Lois doesn’t answer. She turns and leaves leaving Lex with a smile on his face both of victory and curiousity. He lifts his LAPTOP SCREEN up revealing a FILE on Clark.

    LEX[ CONT’D]
    (To Himself)
    Where are you?

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