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Whiskey Tango

Jun 29, 2007
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Google says there's a thread but it's apparently been deleted. So here's another one.


Rock has a lot of movies coming out next year.
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Also Here's the first poster and still


Why was it deleted?

I dunno. Seen a few threads like that lately. Google finds them but they lead to an invalid url. The original Zero Dark Thirty thread was like that as well. Unforseen side effects of Thread Manager?

Anyway thanks for the update. :up: This should be pretty decent.
Just got done reading up on this on Wikipedia. I can't wait to see this. Sounds good.
Snitch TV Spot

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I saw a trailer for this when I saw Zero Dark Thirty, and I think it looks pretty good.
I like the look of the way The Rock is playing this role but I'm guessing the truck chase wasn't a part inspired by the true story. :D Definitely going to check this out.
someone tell me what song that is..."rebel rebel outlaw"
I hope all 4 of Dwayne's movies are huge hits so he can stay the f**k away from WWE.
It's looking very good. :up:

Although it's a shame nobody is talkin about it.
I'm seeing a lot of previews for this on tv, and I'm liking it. I think it looks pretty good.
There was a time I couldn't take the Rock seriously in roles that weren't comedic based, but he's come into his own now.
For some reason, I think I'll watch any action movie that features the Rock.
It looks alright...but I think i'll wait for blu-ray for this one.
Just got back, very good flick to be honest. Johnson is seriously starting to turn into a very top tier actor. He's not like Shakesperian, but he's putting more into it than guys like Sly and Arnold did back in the day. He's not wooden anymore. His scenes with Susan Sarandon are excellent. The ads try to pass it off as an action flick but there are like maybe two major action scenes with the rest being drama and thriller.

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