So I finally faced my fear of flying...


Apr 23, 2005
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I don't know if anyone remembers, but about 3 years ago I made a thread expressing a fear of flying I was dealing with when I had booked a cross country flight to go home and visit my family for Christmas.

Well, long story short, I had a series of anxiety and panic attacks that I let take control of me, and I cancelled my flight.

Fast forward to present day, 3 years later, and an entirely new place in life...

Well, I just returned today from making that cross country flight. I wasn't able to stay out there very long, and came home before Christmas, but I was able to face my fear and get on an airplane.

I don't understand where exactly my fear came from - I've flown before, numerous times, I've been flying for years. But for some reason, 3 years ago, these panic attacks and anxiety took hold and I couldn't contain it. I feel like a lot of it has to do with me having been in an emotionally bad place in my life at the time, but whatever the cause, I'm happy for myself being able to do it.
Way to go. I did some drugs a few years back. Long story. And was riding on the interstate. I realized how dangerous going 60mph in a metal box really is, and since then I am still hesitant to get on the highway. And I'm TERRIFIED to fly in a plane again. So I mean it when I say congratulations.

I have minor fears about flying. I'm always incredibly nervous during take off.

I remember you mentioning that. Congrats on facing that fear and pummeling it to pieces. :up:

Sadly, I love flying. I'm a bit of a flying addict. I wish I could do it more often. :csad: However I've had a few 'self aware' moments of being hurdled through nothing in a metal tube with wings and engines attached, so I can understand where you're coming from.
Congratulations! :)
The fear comes from crashing, and dying a horrible painful death.

Atleast, that's my issue with flying. :( But I can do it.
This being the SUPERHEROHYPE.....I thought I would be reading about how they jumped off the roof....

I also hate flying so I know what you were going through. I'll do it for work and the occasional vacation, but I hate it.

I usually get to the airport extremely early and start boozing up. It does take the edge off for me.
I have not addressed this fear of flying that I have yet. I've never flown ever. It's aalways been car trips, which is interesting when you easily get car sick. Well, it's mostly borne from my fear of heights and being up really really high that I've been a bit hesitant to fly in a plane, well that and it's expensive to fly. I have panic attacks when I climb the ladder at work. I couldn't imagine being inside this big, flying tube of metal thousands of feet up in the sky without suffering from some degree of stress.
Congrats on your accomplishment! I have similar feelings whenever I get on plane about fears of crashing, etc, but I usually engage in something else to preoccupy my mind.
That's great Nell. :up:

I personally have never been on a plane and just the idea of it scares me because I also have a fear of heights. Luckily I don't do much traveling but I know one day I will have to conquer this myself.
I have never had a fear of flying. Growing up flew to NY to FL all of the time during summers & some holidays
Statistically speaking, it is the safest way to travel.
It's funny, heights don't scare me if I'm in a plane or hot air balloon (great experience, I suggest trying it if you've never done it). But make me look out of a skyscraper or over the edge of a cliff and we're talking 7 year old girl freak-out.
yay! congratulations man! one of the best feeling is when you overcome your fear! :)
Congrats. I've flown and still have a fear of flying...and now that they've made getting on a plane a complete pain (and massive amount of wasted time) I probably will never have to go on one again :)

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