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    I don't know where X-Men's prequel will go, I don't know anything about X-Men: Days of Future Past and the plans of mr. Millar, mr. Singer, ms Shuler Donner and Fox for X-Men's saga but here there are some ideas I'd love to gave to them (if they read this forum :woot:) to adjust that continuity :cmad:

    1. In a prequel (set in 1978-79) see a glimpse of William Stryker (Danny Huston) send his son, Jason, in Xavier's school.

    2. By 1980, Xavier have to recruit Storm. Maybe in Africa where she's consider like a Goddess.

    3. Justify that Xavier walks in 1980. Maybe Hank McCoy/Beast has find a way to make him walks for some hours but his body his becoming rejecting that (so this explain why he will never use again that for walking).

    4. Xavier and Magneto in 1980 goes to Grey's house and they met a young Jean. Explain that: maybe there is some great menace in the air that force them to reunite again. They're old friend, after all...

    5. At the end of 1978-79, show Xavier (walking, see point 3) recruit Cyclops in Stryker's island.

    6. X-Men Origins: Wolverine's Emma is not Emma Frost. Explain that showing her and saying that she is Emma Silverfox, Kayla's sister, with a power similar to Emma Frost's one (but not a telepath). Then kill her off.

    7. By 1980, Magneto have to recruit a young Toad in his Brotherhood.

    8. Justify the absence of Azazel, Angel Salvadore and Riptide from Brotherhood. They can be killed off in some ways.

    9. Justify the absence of Emma Frost from Brotherhood. Don't kill her but explain that maybe she redeem herself and run away/left the team. They can show her again in an X-Men 4 in the future.

    10. Ignore that Mystique and Nightcrawler are mother-and-son in the comic. This is not going to works in a movie (imho).

    11. Justify the absence of Banshee from the trilogy. They can kill him off. But before doing that, Banshee have to met his girlfriend, Maeve, and get her pregnant. Make that in the end of 1989 to justify the age of Siryn in the original trilogy.

    12. Justify the absence of Havok from the trilogy. Don't kill him off but he leaves the team to go with Moira to Muir Island.

    13. In X-Men: The Last Stand there is a "Moira MacTaggert". Justify that saying that she is Moira's daughter.

    14. Show the beginning of love between Cyclops and Jean.

    15. Say that Erik has a wife (Magda) that leaves him before "X-Men: First Class". They have some children.

    16. Mr. Sinister have to appear in a future prequel. If they go with his "Ultimate" story, they can make him the killer of the mutants that aren't in original trilogy.

    17. With Mr. Sinister they can show Marauders and Gambit (Taylor Kitsch). So they can explain his absence from original trilogy. Gambit have to be a bad guy (he works for Sinister) but good (he doesn't know what Sinister really do) and helps X-Men at the end of the movie, showing that he's one of the good guys. This has to set after X-Men origins: Wolverine's events.

    18. Show by 1989 that Magneto recruit Sabretooth.

    19. Beast has to leave the team by end of 1989 or first half of 1990-1998.

    20. If they go with Sinister, they can show Xavier and Magneto builds a more powerful Cerebro to locate him, so they can explain that they have build that together (but the "we have met at 17 years old" will remain an error, sorry!).


    Oh, and some ideas for other things:

    21. I know that The Wolverine will be a sequel to "Last Stand" but make a new Wolverine's prequel set in 1980-1990 (after Origins) and show what he has do until he met X-Men in 2000. Maybe he has met some villain (Omega Red?) and some mutant (Domino?). End the movie with Wolverine in Alberta, Canada, fighting in the bar (the one from original X-Men).

    22. In a new Wolverine's prequel show that Stryker make an experiment to Victor Creed (Liev Schreiber). The experiment make him stronger but change his look (became the Tyler Mane's Sabretooth). Then see point 18.

    23. Deadpool has not to be rebooted. Simple show Wade Wilson, some years after Origins, with a cancer and then became Deadpool. Made some hints at this past (maybe his works with Stryker).

    24. Cyclops is still alive after X3. Maybe he's in a sort-of-coma, so please make him come back and make him the leader.
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    I agree with those things you mentioned.

    But we still don't know if Azazel, Riptide, Angel Salvadore and Emma Frost are not going to be in X-Men Days of Future Past.

    About Toad and Sabretooth, they don't necessarily have to explain their existence on X1. Magneto could just recruit them from a mutant prison or something.

    Then for the things I disagreed:
    -About the pre-X-Men Days and post-Origins: Wolverine days of Wolverine. I don't want FOX to make a film of that. They could just include that from X-Men: Second Class or Third Class, like at the end of the movie. Professor X will send Storm and Cyclops in a mission to rescue Wolverine and Rogue from Sabretooth and of course that leads to the events of X1 - that would be a very exciting ending!

    -I don't think they have to make Siryn related to Banshee, because seriously casual viewers will not care for it. So there's no need for them to do that.

    -For Havok, they could just say that he and Polaris left the team so they can have normal life and raise a family. He doesn't need to work with Moira.

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