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hmmm... I'm intrigued by the comic idea but I'm still skeptical it will translate to film well.
I think the spawn movie should be its own film instead of trying to be like other films.Todd just wants to create a Dark Knight like film so he can get awards and money.I dont think he is really thinking about the fans of the comic at all just money.If I had a say so id do the armageddon series of Spawn where the war between Heaven vs. Hell is about to break out (which would be 100x bigger than Lord of the Rings) and Spawn is in the middle.Maybe he could even try to take on Jesus in a battle,lol(he'd loose horribly
Todd Mcfarlane has had the idea for his new movie since 1999. Way before Nolan came up with The Dark Knight. So there is no way that he could be ripping off the Dark Knight.
Todd McFarlane plans to write, produce, and direct "Spawn" film reboot
Turning in a regularly scheduled appearance at the 2010 New York ToyFare last week, Todd McFarlane shed some light on the rumored reboot of the Spawn film franchise, based on his popular and influential '90s comic series. This time around, McFarlane intends to have complete creative control.
McFarlane had announced back in August that he had begun writing a screenplay for a new movie, saying it would be neither a recap nor a continuation, but "a standalone story that will be R-rated. Creepy and scary," with a tone more suited for an older audience. Last week, McFarlane said that he's about 80% finished with the script, and that he will write, produce and direct the film, thus making his feature directing debut. "I've had this movie in my head for too long, I'm just gonna do it myself."
The comic series, about a murdered soldier who returns to earth as a tortured, avenging angel with the powers of Hell, became Image's flagship title. Image Comics was formed in the early 1990s by numerous like-minded comic artists who broke from the big companies and banded together to publish creator-owned works. Over the years, McFarlane moved from writer/artist to entrepeneur, forming the highly successful McFarlane Toys and Todd McFarlane Entertainment. Plus, he bought some baseballs.
The "Spawn" comic series has been adapted to both film and television in the past. The 1997 film starring Michael Jai White, though maintaining the initial storyline from the comics, suffered from a cliché-ridden script, mediocre acting, special effects that soon became dated, and the shedding of the comic's darkest elements to secure a PG-13 rating. The same year, the Spawn animated series aired on HBO, retaining the comic's pitch dark tone and granting McFarlane a more visible influence on the show.
Well, it worked for Frank Miller. Sort of...
I don't think him doing everything is a good sign. I really don't like what he's been proposing for the project, so this news is somewhat saddening to me. I still don't think this movie is ever getting made though.
I question if Spawn can even be redone & be well-received.
He needs to stop... he is not a director.
I have never actually read a Spawn comic but from what I hear they dont have much substance to them, which definately wouldnt translate well to film, they as well just re-make the first movie.

They need a director who can add substance to the story as well as do all the cool effects, which lets be honest Spawn and the characters in it do look cool from the pictures I have seen, but a movie needs more than just to look cool to work.
I have Spawn's HBO series on DVD and there is a long interview with McFarlane on a spawn movie. His ideas were mostly to make it a crime drama and have Spawn as a shadowy figure in the background who helped the cops solve their crimes and when the scenario became more dangerous he would come out of the shadows to give them a hand.
^See, I dont see the point in that personally, its grouding a character who's best assets, from what I have seen, are his most outrageous and unrealistic ones.

You ground Batman, you ground The Punisher, maybe even ground Spiderman a bit, but Spawn? Na.
I think his reasoning was that his costume was so cheesy that its better he stay in the shadows and that he play a 'boogey-man' type figure. However, that interview was over 2 years ago and maybe he's changed his mind. I am actually intrigued by McFarlane's willingness to take control of his product so wholeheartedly. I'd like to see what he's capable of.
McFarlane Talks Indie Spawn Movie:

“I’ve done my due diligence. I’ve gone to the big studios, I’ve heard their pitch, [and] I’ve heard what they can offer. I’ve talked to the smaller guys and I’ve given what I want, and I just don’t think I can be satisfied with something at the big boys. [Large studios] can offer a big budget, big stars, and probably make a lot more money, but I just think that story-wise I’m going to be a little dissatisfied.”

“I keep telling them I can make it for $10 million. I believe I can make this movie for $10 million. You just have to be smart visually and have a solid story behind it. So I’m going, ‘Let’s just do it the way I’ve been envisioning it for 10 years, and I’ll take my lumps if it doesn’t work.’”

Full story below:

This seems very low to me. :csad:
$10 Million? that sucks. that is Saw's budget. It should be eying around $30-$45 Million at least.
$10 Million is incredibly low for a guy that's basically a demon from hell. It could work if they focused on the story instead of efx, but the story doesn't sound too good to begin with.
Since Too McFarlane has been talking about Spawn 2 for the past 10 years and never goes anywhere, I can see his tombstone saying "Still talking about Spawn Heaven"
Since Too McFarlane has been talking about Spawn 2 for the past 10 years and never goes anywhere, I can see his tombstone saying "Still talking about Spawn Heaven"

If its for 10 Million, there won't be any epic action, it'll be like he described a few years ago..Spawn lurking in the shadows and a gritty crime/mystery as the main focus.
Well that just doesnt sound like a good movie, i'm all for focusing on character more than action, but a comic book also needs good action scene's to draw the crowd in, cant see that happening on this budget.
I get the idea that McFarlane is pursuing, you know, he wants it to be like Jaws, where the title character doesn't appear completely until at the very end, but it's not very satisfying visually. I for one want to see Spawn in full blown action. I wouldn't care for a Batman movie where he's in the shadow most of the time.

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