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Spawn Religion Question


Jan 12, 2013
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Havent read Spawn since waaaay back. I know the theme has always been Faustian Deal with the Devil but as I thumbed through a wikipedia article on Spawn I picked up on some larger religious themes.

I was wondering where abouts in the comic line these Heaven/Hell God/Satan themes began to pop up. I'd really like to delve into some of that type of story arch. And as an aside do the Angela and <?>Anti-Spawn characters play into these themes?

Thank you all.
I read issues 1-18 a while back, what I make of it:
Al Simmons was an atheist, he died an atheist
His widow 'Wanda' was Christian and raised by her grandmother
Al had stronger attachment to the church, and the cross after getting reincarnated as a hellspawn
Angela is an angel, a soldier of heaven in a holy war between Heaven & Hell
The Anti-Spawn thing is meant to be pure, flesh merged with Holy fire, sent to take place of Angela after her failure to take down Spawn. The boss of Al is too corrupt and not pure enough, so he wasn't strong enough and was easily distracted
THanks for the info. If there was a particular place in the comic time line where those really kick off where would it be? Also I've read that a pair of human children are God and Satan reincarnated. All connected Im sure. Just would like to pick up the story there.

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