Spider-man: The Nightmare



Instead of copying and pasting all of the story (which right now is incomplete, needs dialogue), ill just post the plot to see if anyone is interested enough. Also, if it is unoriginal tell me as well.

(Pre-Civil War)Characters: Spider-man, Mary Jane, Kingpin, Johnny Storm, Avengers, Mr. Fantastic, Punisher, and the new Super villain named Nightmare.

Plot: When Spider-man catches Kingpin’s henchman exporting illegal goods, he tries to capture him. But, while he is on the rooftop waiting for Kingpin, Nightmare sneaks behind Spidey and touches him on the neck causing him to be knocked out and his worst nightmares seem like a reality…

here is a more info about Nightmare.

Nightmare- Kingpins newest henchman who has the power to knock someone out and have their worst nightmare happen and them not know the difference as if it were real with a simple thought and touch. He looks like a dark ghost with only a hood and cover; he can be seen but not tracked. He is also immune to Spidey sense, making him a great henchman for Kingpin.
well, i guess i can post what i have, won't be as good though. it is all done story wise, but not alot of details.
When Spider-man catches Kingpin’s henchman exporting illegal goods, he decides to capture him. But, while he is on the rooftop waiting for Kingpin, Nightmare ,who is Kingpin’s new henchman who has the power to give anyone he wants the worst dreams the person can even think of, sneaks behind Spidey and touches him on the neck causing him to be knocked out. Nightmare then gets chains and wraps Spidey in them. He then drags him and puts him in a car.
Once Spidey gets knocked out, he wakes up in a cell in which he thinks is real. He is very dazed and confused. He knocks down the cell door and sees that he is in an old abandoned jail and though he does not know how he got there, leaves to go see Mary Jane. On his way their, Spidey spots someone on a roof with many people under him, so he lands to see is what the matter. He asks the guy what is the matter he gets startled and falls off. When Spidey looks down and notices everyone suspects he pushed him.

All over the news he is advertised as a killer and no one listens to him. He goes to the Avengers Mansion where he thinks his friends will understand but is wrong. As soon as they see him they start to attack him to hand him over to the authorities. He barely escapes the Avengers only with a couple scratches. He sees Mary Jane and they go somewhere safe. Once there Spidey notices MJ is acting like she is very tense around him and screams. MJ starts to run while Spidey follows till she goes into a small storage room then realizes she is cornered. Spidey then starts to tell her none of the statements are true. Then suddenly he hears footsteps and a gun clip click then starts to fire not knowing MJ is in there. A bullet hits him in one of his legs. Three hit MJ killing her. Spidey who is loosing his mind over the events starts to go in a rage and attacks the shooters who aren’t cops. Instead they seem to be Kingpin’s henchman. He sits by MJ’s side with tears dripping on to MJ’s face.

Before he sets out to find Kingpin Spidey decides to get his leg taken care of. Only able to think of one place were the person wouldn’t judge him, he goes to see Mr. Fantastic. Once there Spidey explains what happened and for once someone finally believes him, but says after he fixes up his leg he has to leave so he won’t get arrested for helping him out. Once his leg is fixed up by one of his new machines, he thanks Mr. Fantastic. Mr. Fantastic starts to feel uncomfortable and tells Spidey that Johnny has been missing a couple days and that is where the Thing and Sue went to go search for him. Suddenly his Spider Sense starts tingling tackles Mr. Fantastic down when a bullet zooms by. The shooter who seems to know about Spidey planned another shot where Mr. Fantastic landed killing him. Spidey busts through the window the find the shooter but is no where to be found. He thinks it was linked to Kingpin so starts to go find him and give him the worst day he has had.

On his way there while swinging and full of rage he sees lots of smoke in the air. Thinking he may be able to win back everyone’s heart and change their mind he goes to check it out. The closer he gets the worst pain in his stomach he gets. Finally when he is close enough to see what is going on he sees the Avenger’s Mansion on fire. Over hearing a conversation between some firefighters and cops he learns that there was an explosion with no survivors. After hearing this Spidey lifts up his mask over his mouth to throw up. As he looks up he sees Kingpin get into a limo and drive off. Spidey then follows closely behind.

The limo stops in front of an old abandoned warehouse. Kingpin gets out along with some others. Spidey jumps on top of the building where this is a large glass top and watches for the right moment. After listening in he learns Kingpin has been exporting and importing illegal goods. Spidey busts through the window taking out all of the gunmen very quickly. He then turns around quickly and dashes for Kingpin. Kingpin, who gets Spidey put down, starts to talk about him being a murder. Spidey gets enraged and punches Kingpin, breaking his jaw, then starts to question him why he killed all his friends and family. Kingpin who starts to laugh at this preposterous idea says he wouldn’t have time for that kind of nonsense. Spidey who just stands there glaring at him starts to think back.

He thinks about the men who killed MJ thinking it was just too obvious to be Kingpin’s men making it seem like a set up. Then the explosion at the Avenger’s Mansion also seemed out of placed as to why Kingpin would go out of his way. He then asks why was he at the mansion and responds that someone told him to meet him there. Spidey leaves and finally knows who did everything including the mishap with the person falling off the building. Only one person is good enough to shoot Mr. Fantastic and expect Spidey to tackle him down and completely disappear.

Spidey who is in a building screams “Punisher! Where the heck are you?” Lights turn on, then figures he has been waited on. In the center of the room he notices Johnny almost beaten to death with blood dripping over the floor.


Ending 1

Once he gets close enough he hears him talking to him to help him get free. Spidey gets close enough then realizes he is too late and goes behind Johnny only to find a walkie-talkie. Being full of emotions Spidey doesn’t even notice Punisher coming behind him with a handgun. Spidey who finally hears him doesn’t even turn around, giving all hope knowing his life would be terrible even if he stopped Punisher. All he can say is “Why?” Punisher just replies “There is not much more fun finally getting able to kill you for all the cash I’m going to get from Kingpin.” Spidey who is shocked to know he had the real person behind everything before coming to Punisher and that is was all a big trap. Punisher then ***** his gun, aims it at Spidey’s head, then says “And, because I can!”, then pulls the trigger.

Ending 2

Spidey starts to walk closer when Johnny starts talking to him. He says “Hey, buddy, glad you showed up. Knew someone wo-“, Spidey who stepped on a panel dodges the bullet from the gun behind him triggered by him. Spidey then looks up noticing he was not hit, but Johnny was hit right in the head. He then starts to back crawl to a wall and starts to sob over everything went on the past couple of days. Not noticing Punisher come beside him knowing what Spidey was about to ask, he answers for him. “Your wondering, why I did all of this just to piss you off and make this your nightmare, huh? Well, Kingpin’s money to do all this just makes it enough to do it. Sorry Spidey.” Punisher then puts a handgun to Spidey’s head and pulls the trigger.

Ending 3

When Spidey gets close enough to see that Johnny has already bled to death from a beating, he turns around and notices Kingpin come with a handgun in his hand and dragging Punishers limp dead body with him. “Well, well, well… Nice to see you again web head. Was this not a beautiful plan? To get rid of all your friends and even get your wife MJ to turn on you. Best of all, you’re the suspect of all the killings including Mr. Fantastic. Why I did it I bet you are wondering… You have ruined me, I knew how all this would play out. Know instead of killing you, you’ll get something way worse.” he puts the gun to his own head. “You will have life in prison, just like you took my life, I now take yours.” Kingpin then kills himself just as police busts through the door surrounding Spider-man. “Sad that we couldn’t get here soon enough to save Kingpin and Punisher, at least we got here the call in time to get the killer.” says a cop. Spidey who knows all is lost surrenders and gets cuffed. Next thing you see is Spidey in court where the judge says he is guilty of all charges and is sentenced to life in prison!” The judge then pounds his hammer.

Just then Spidey finally awakes only to find himself in locked chains in a car. He then notices that he is sweating and then it takes a couple of minutes to realize that it was only a nightmare. Nightmare who is sitting beside Kingpin, asks “How was your nightmare?” Kingpin then introduces Nightmare. “I am very glad that you can finally meet my new henchman. His name is Nightmare. I’m pretty sure you already know what his powers are.” Spidey who is remembering all that went on in his head knowing it was all caused by this single man’s powers makes him start to think of a plan. Spidey then breaks out of his chains reaches over, takes Nightmare’s wrist, touches Kingpin’s neck and Nightmare’s own neck. “Sweet nightmares…” says Spidey who then wraps Nightmare’s hands up with web and takes the driver, Kingpin, and Nightmare to the police station. After explaining what Nightmare can do, they put him in a cell where only he can be in, with no visitors or able to see anyone.

Spidey, who is enjoyed the nightmare is over, swings to see MJ and gives her the biggest kiss. She asks “what is that for?” and he only smiles, then says “Glad to see you!”

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