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Feb 13, 2006
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Well, I've decided that I'm gonna sell some old stuff to make room for new stuff. I dont know how interested people will be in this stuff though so i'm not going to type everything out. If your interested in something specific, then PM me and I'll let you know what i have or if i have something you're looking for. I'm planning on starting to sell this stuff on ebay around July but I figured I'd help people out in need for any of this stuff. All are loose and should be in good condition unless otherwise specified.


Marvel Legends

Professor X (MOC)
Dr. Strange (MOC)
Sasquatch (MOC)
Lady Deathstrike (Loose)
Pyro (MOC)
Thor Series 3 (Loose)

Onslaught All Pieces Unassembled


Marvel Legends Face-off Series 1

Hulk vs. Tall Headed Leader (Loose)

Fantastic Four Classics

The Thing (MOC)
Human Torch w/ Impossible Man (MOC)

Spider-man Classics

Venom Series 16 (MOC)
Man-wolf (MOC)
SpiderHulk (MOC)

Marvel Select

Spiderwoman Variant


I have everyone of the old school TMNT figs MOC. I'm not selling the stuff i really like, but random crap I'm getting rid of. And vehicles etc.


I have tons of Joes. if you're looking for something, then let me know. Old School and a few newer ones as well. I'm mainly wanting to get ride of vehicles and bases.


I have pretty much all the main ones. Almost all of them i think. And a few vehicles.
See PAGE 4 for PICS


I have most everything from the original ones all the way to the ninja zord. The only robots i didn't have up until then was titanus and the turtle zord thing.


Probably no one will want these and then get handed down to my kids. but if you want em', i got em.


I have some of the Model Mega Man kits. These won't be cheap though as they cost me a crap load to get.
See PAGE 5 for PICS


I have a few spawn things, but not a whole lot. I have the original spawn figure and about 20 other figures or a little more.
See PAGE 5 for PICS

Independence Day (ID-4)
See PAGE 5 for PICS



Mad Jack


Iced up Iceman with sled


Ultimate Hulk

DC Direct

Batman Hush Series 2 Harley Quinn
Batman Hush Series 2 Nightwing
Batman Hush Series 2 Catwoman




1-Lizard x2
6-Prof X
8-Doc Ock x2
10-Phoenix x2
16-Nick Fury
19-Beast x2
23-Dr. Strange x2
25-Kang x2
28-Green Goblin
32-Carnage x2
39-Invisilbe Woman x2
46-Gambit x3
48-She-Hulk x2
52-Iceman x2
53-Thanos x2
55-Sandman x2
61-Kingpin x2





23-Lady Deathstrike
41-Prof X
47-Storm x2
59-Silver Samuri x3


No Wants! I have them all! :)

I know I have some more games somewhere, i just have to find them.
I'd be interested in GI Joes (vehicles aswell) for my son. He plays with all my old GIJoes (the small ones, not the ones that are basically dolls). Are those He-Man figs the old ones or the newer ones???
old school he-man ones. and i dont think you'll want my joes. i don't want to rip you off but i'm not selling them for cheap. some of them cost me a lot of money and i took good care of the ones that i had originally as a kid. i mainly want to get rid of that dang Terror Dome or whatever the hell it was called. But i payed $200 for it plus $80 shipping and i at least want to break even on it. i'll probably have to do it ebay for that kind of stuff.
another reason why i'm selling stuff, other than needing space, is that i have to come up with some money to help pay for pharmacy school once i get in. i've got $60 grand but two of the schools i'm applying will be 80 grand for the whole 4 years, and of course i need money for living etc.
Oh, I thought it was a bunch of stuff that you'd played with. Like old damaged stuff. Thats cool, I understand.
I'd be interested in GI Joes (vehicles aswell) for my son. He plays with all my old GIJoes (the small ones, not the ones that are basically dolls). Are those He-Man figs the old ones or the newer ones???

I have some MIP Joes (an original Cobra Commander, but one of the later ones in his hood, and a few two packs) if you're interested? Im after any ultimates figures, especially the marvel legends ultimate cap....pm me if interested.
Horrorfan, i think he wants joes that suck, you know the ones that have been played with and aren't worth anything. he wants them for his kid. If i have any crappy ones FTB, i'll keep you in mind. i probably will hold on to most of my figures that are in good condition and just sell bulky things for space. some of this stuff will be easy to get rid of, but a lot of the stuff is b/c i need some mooney for pharm school and the woman is wanting me to make at least an effort to sell stuff.
Thats cool bro. I just want some stuff nobody really wants for my son. He likes GI Joes and he has the 20-25 old ones of mine and my brothers. Just so he can play rough with. Nothing new by far.
What Spawn stuff do you have? I probably have all of them, but I'm always on the lookout for extra McFarlane stuff in case I damage or want to customize them. I'm more partial to stuff after series 10, but I do love me multicolored bendy Violaters.
i know i have the original violater. but i think he's main horn is torn off. i know i have some more spawn stuff. i'll tell you what i have once i dig them up. i'm moving home for the summer and am cleaning up my room. but i'll give descriptions of what i have, even though i may not remember all of their names. i know have at least 20. mostly old stuff, but some a little newer. i'll let you know when i find the box with my spawn stuff.

Rez, i'll let you know about the spawn figures sometime within the next few weeks as i continue to clean my room. have a freaking crap load of boxes filled with toys, but i'll let you know soon as i find them.
And for the most part, i know that a lot of people won't care for my stuff sinc most of us mainly go on about marvel and dc stuff, being a superhero site and all. So feel free to screw around in here, i dont really care. i dont care about going off topic and it seems we do that so go on ahead. but bold stuff that you want me to see specifically cause i'm likely to forget that this is even my thread.

And for those of you that i told to do so, post your 3 to 4 or 5 (who cares really) most wants for the WM wave and i'll keep a look out for you. this will be easier reference for me. and i know i could look it up in the WM wants thread. but i dont want too. if you dont post your wants, i'll buy them all for myself and you'll be left with sadness. and empty void of sadness. yes i am bored. thank you very much.
Kitty pryde, War bird, AoA wolverine, AoA sabes ( im very adamant about this crap)
i've noticed. and i wont make you owe me for these like i said. you can pay for them and just keep watch for me later. i know you'll help me out. all i'm really wanting is some lookouts. FTB, you, unleashed, roughneck, and nightcrawl333 (i never spell it right sorry :() can go ahead and consider me to be a lookout for you all. And spideyboy and saint since i've heard good stuff about them, even though i havent actually traded with them yet.
Saint and spideyboy are legit. I vouge for them
one of my WM has two sabertooths left and also has both hulk packs and both DD packs, but no captain america ones.
Rez said:
What Spawn stuff do you have? I probably have all of them, but I'm always on the lookout for extra McFarlane stuff in case I damage or want to customize them. I'm more partial to stuff after series 10, but I do love me multicolored bendy Violaters.

hey man. i found a couple figures. i dont know what figs are after series 10 but i assume most mine are before then. i do have some newer looking figures like the clown in a stretch, spawn as a human, i found another violater that is in good condition, he's pretty tall and grey. I have a couple random spawn figures of the man himself. I know have more spawn stuff somewhere else, but most of the stuff in the box i found today was older stuff. I'm sorry that i can't remember the names of these guys, i pretty much picked up ones that i thought were cool. I was never too into spawn.

The reason why i said in my first thread that i am waiting till July to sell most of the stuff on ebay is b/c i'm waiting to get a digital camera hopefully for my birthday. Then I can send you some pics.
Do you have the very first Power Rangers Megazord?
Yeah I do, but i have to find it. I know i have a bunch of old power rangers, but i havent seen them in awhile. But as i'm cleaning out my room etc, i'll keep you posted.
I added a few Marvel Legends and SMC stuff. I'll add more as I go through my stuff and see what i have more than i need of.
I added my MFF card Haves and Wants. I'll trade card for card and if you have any cards in my wants list, I'll buy them.
Also, I have a somewhere between 8 and 12 cards coming in from a friend soon. I dont know which ones, but it may add to my double list or take away from my wants list.
Um, I don't remember the numbers, but if I remember correctly, I sent you Magneto, Cyclops, Sandman, Apocalypse, Vulture, Green Goblin, and two others. I think of them may have been Invisible Woman, but I may be wrong.
thanks for letting me know. i'll edit my post when i get them. I know i need magneto for one set of the cards, but i dont remember which one. it was whatever magneto that qc mohawks was supposed to send me, so hopefully you're sending me the magneto that he didn't. you're MO went out this morning btw, so you should get that soon. Thanks again for your help.
Send havock and reg wolverine MOC if at all possible. you can send the variant wolverine loose with the GM piece in a ziplock bag or something.

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