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May 24, 2007
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Just saw it. That was really good. I didn't know if I'd like it, but it was cool. Very fun movie.

It has it all. Fantasy, swashbuckling action, comedy, and romance.

Okay I could care less about the romance.

Really good though. I suggest it to anyone who hasn't seen it yet but was thinking about it.

Never read it or heard of the GN before. Did they change anything?
I haven't seen it but I have heard good reviews
I saw it too. It was ok but there were too many things going on imo
Great movie, but it's not based on a comic. :S
It's quite a good film, but also marred by flaws:

1) a quirky, creaky Englishness that reduced its international appeal (see the US box office).

2) De Niro's worst performance EVER as a stereotypical, offensive gay stereotype that tried to cash in on Captain Jack Sparrow and failed big time.

3) Severe plotholes. Worst one was that Pfeiffer's character Lamia ages whenever she uses her magic, EXCEPT when she creates an entire inn out of nothing. WTF!?

4) key characters at the beginning were horrible and unlikable. Tristan was a naive idiot, the girl he was in love with (Victoria) was a spoiled, manipulative cow. Couldn't even begin to feel anything for characters like this!

Best bits:

1) Pfeiffer was outstanding (aside from her character's power inconsistency as mentioned above)

2) supercute little dormouse

3) some very good FX and power displays/battles

A pretty good effort but not good enough. Vaughn is a law unto himself and it really shows here how he has no regard/respect for material. He does what the hell he likes. Just like when he walked out of X3.

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