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Apr 17, 2008
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Undead Labs reveals State of Decay gameplay trailer

(40 minutes ago)

Undead Labs has been working in relative secrecy for going on two years now. All we knew about the firm's cryptically (and temporarily) titled Class3 was that it had something to do with zombies and that it was coming to the Xbox 360.

Now thanks to a new trailer we know that the game is officially called State of Decay and it's also coming to the PC. Whether it's an MMO or simply a precursor to the rumored Class4 MMO is still undetermined. All that said, the trailer shows off plenty of open-world third-person shooting action, zombie-centric gore, and even a muscle car and the requisite rusty old pickup truck.

Undead says that State of Decay is set in an "open sandbox world [that] develops in real-time," and that gameplay involves "designing and fortifying your home base." Click past the cut for the full video. Continue Reading

State Of Decay Revealed

on Aug 21, 2012 at 03:06 PM

The upcoming zombie survival game from developer Undead Labs has been revealed. State of Decay is new, open-world game in development for Xbox 360 and PC.
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What was originally a game titled Class3 has now given way to State of Decay. After being buried for over a year, Undead Labs resurfaced with new details and a trailer for their upcoming open world survival-horror game.

Just like all the other post apocalyptic survival games, the staples are all there; find food, water, shelter, and ammo. Oh, and zombies because you can’t have an apocalypse without zombies. What sounds interesting is that the game will evolve alongside your activity to generate new problems to your survival efforts.

For instance if you build a community of survivors you’ll need to delegate and pull off some pillaging for resources. As the resources run low and with pillage areas picked clean, you’ll have to figure out another method of accommodating your groups needs. Choices have a reaction to your future endeavors so it could lead to some very solid and very rough moral dilemmas.

Will let you know when more is revealed, so in the meantime check out the trailer below.


yeah sorry about this I kinda already put this up. but that was before I found out it was multiplat last night and I asked a mod to move here. he must not have seen the message yet or hasn't had time to do it. I guessin now this second thread will be merged with mine. sorry about that Nathan .
Zombie Games Can be About Farming, Too

The first trailer for Microsoft and Undead Labs' upcoming zombie shooter, State of Decay, focused almost entirely on action, even though we'd been told other aspects of survival were just as important.

Here's some of that other stuff, like building farms, growing crops and hanging out in secured zones with other folks who like to eat beans in a can instead of brains in a skull.


I wonder if you can play this game without ever meeting Zombies for days. Just staying in your hideout and growing food your people. Until the day some jerk lures a group of Zombies to your location.
Some PAX videos.





so will it be a mmo actually? Will we be able to play it offline?
I was totally into this...until I heard it would be single player. NO thanks.
Oh boy, guess I'm done with this too. This type of game would have been amazing with co-op. As a single player game, this is not nearly as interesting.
I prefer single player games, so I'll be checking this out for sure!
I want it even as a single player game, even though I agree the concept itself would be awesome in a mmo (which is still their goal)
PAX Prime 2012: Undead Labs' State of Decay

(21 minutes ago)
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Everyone loves zombies, right? Apparently so because they're absolutely everywhere (like Miami, for instance), but we keep on lapping it up. Secretly, though, I think a lot of us are tired of the same old zombie games. After all, if you're one of the truly hardcore that has a zombie apocalypse plan that includes where you'll hole up, how you'll find weapons, what you'll eat, and so forth, it's a little disappointing that most games tend to focus solely on the zombie-shooting part of the zombie apocalypse (not that there's anything wrong with zombie-shooting).

Undead Labs' upcoming MMO State of Decay might change all that.

The game will take place in a persistent world where players are responsible for rounding up survivors, finding the necessary resources to build defenses and stay alive, and of course, fighting off the zombie hordes. Finally, those of you who have long debated the merits of going to the gun store vs. not going to the gun store in the event of an apocalypse can see whose plan works better. And what's more, at PAX Prime 2012, I got to sit down and play around with it myself, though not for nearly as long as I would have liked. Regardless, if State of Decay is on your radar -- and it should be -- then I'd be glad to tell you all about my 20-odd minutes with the title. Continue Reading


So this is going to be a multi-player game after all? And the interest is back.
A really interesting one. There are a ton of Zombie shooters. This is more of a simulator. Like ever thought about what you would do during a Zombie apocalypse? Here you can see if your plan would work.
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OK that actually sounds interesting! But Dead Island seemed very promising at first as well. The only zombie game I trust to be extremely good is The Last Of Us because Naughty Dog is working on it and, well...because it looks extremely good from all the footage. Zombie games are the ones I usually have the least interest in, as well as RPG "inventory ****" games.
Undead Labs talks about guns in State of Decay

(2 hours ago)
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Today's official blog post about State of Decay is not about careful examination of different cultures. It's not about understanding what creates a zombie and how the sickness can be stopped. It's not even about the careful process of finding and maintaining your food supplies in the wake of societal breakdown. No, this is a blog post about guns. It is all about the weapons you will use to blow the undead into little bite-sized chunks of zombie.

The centerpiece is a huge list of guns that players can expect to find and shoot in the game, each with varying properties and ammunition types. It's also meant to expand in the future. So there's no subtlety here, just deadly firearms and the promise of using them to mow down shambling zombies to ensure your own survival. What more could you really want? Aside from functional vehicles and a planet not crawling with monsters that want to eat your brains, of course.

Wow, this totally flew under my radar until now.

This looks really exciting. I'm hoping for a good single player experience. If this game turns out who I'm picturing it, I'll happily pay full price.
State of Decay demonstrates the virtues of stealth

(4 hours ago)
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Pop quiz, apocalypse survivors: You desperately need to get into a nearby gun store to complete a mission, but it's surrounded by a small horde of zombies. Running through them and shooting your way in are both undesirable options, so what do you do? What do you do?

In a short alpha video from Undead Labs, a State of Decay player instead uses tricks and stealth to achieve his goal. He tosses some fireworks from a nearby water tower, prompting the zombies to investigate and leave the scene. Following that, it's a quick dash in and out to trigger a job well done.

You can watch this nail-biting footage after the jump, and don't forget to check out Massively's report on the game from PAX. Continue Reading

Learn to live in a State of Decay with Undead Labs' new survival guide

(5 hours ago)
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There's a lot to consider when you're stuck in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Do you have enough food? Will your shelter hold up against the endless legions of undead? Do you have enough of that ammo that makes zombie heads explode? Thankfully, Undead Labs is here to help make State of Decay players' transitions to the post-apocalypse as simple as possible.

The studio has released a day-by-day survival guide written from the viewpoint of characters within the game's universe. The guide provides a flavorful look at some of the features players will be utilizing to survive in State of Decay. Players will learn how to construct a defensible stronghold, how to scavenge for supplies, and of course, how to defend themselves against zed onslaughts. It's quite a read, but a very worthwhile one for anyone who would prefer to remain on the side of the living in the war against the undead.

So...Is it MP...Or no?

I'll probably get this but super athletic zombies are stupid... This is proof of that. Zombies shouldn't be able to do running leaps onto a ladder or over a fence.

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